10 Blockchain Technologies Africa.

It is now publically known that there are over 1,000 Blockchain companies in the world, a figure that is growing with the emergence of new companies.  Although global Blockchain market is dominated by companies in the UK and US, Africa makes up 1.4% of the start-ups. In Africa, Blockchain technology provides a tremendous opportunity for start-up companies to solve numerous Africa’s problems. The following are 10 Blockchain technologies Africa:

1) AMoney

AMoney utilizes a multi-rail technology to bring four rails together: the AMoney protocol, the Ripple protocol, the Stellar protocol and the Blockchain technology to unify mobile wallets in Africa and enable a large volume of low-value cross border payments.

2) BitPesa

 BitPesa  provides is a world-class platform that allows users to trade in digital currency. The company enables businesses and individuals to send and receive payments to and from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. It also accepts Bitcoins from many parts of the world and exchanges it with local currencies.

3) The Sun Exchange

 The Sun Exchange is a platform that connects individuals that want to invest in solar energy with individuals who want to access it. The company promises to change digital currencies into solar energy. It hosts many solar projects for interested investors. All the investor requires is a Bitcoin wallet or a bank account and web access.

4) Custos Media Technologies

CustosTech  uses Bitcoin to offer a sustainable and simple solution to media piracy.  The company’s technology turns downloaders against uploaders through inserting extractable bounties into media entrusted to consumers. CustosTech provides the tech as a service to the media sector, with an initial focus on television and movies.

5) PayFast

PayFast  is a South African payment processing company.  The company enables secure, instant and easy transfer of money between online seller and buyers.  PayFast uses Blockchain technology to protect both sellers and buyers from fraudulent transactions.

6) Bankymoon

Bankymoon builds Blockchain based solutions and offers consulting services for businesses. Last year, the company created the world’s first Blockchain smart metering solution for power and utility grids.

7) Bitland

Bitland’s aim is to offer services to enable organizations and individuals to survey land and record all deed onto the Bitshares Blockchain.  Although this service is only available in Ghana, the company is planning to expand it further into the African continent.

8) Chimera

Chimera links the Internet of Things (IoT) to real-time analytics made on the edge node. The company connects the home network to the electrical and cloud electrical devices around it.

9) otlw

otlw is a development company that builds robust decentralized applications on top of technologies such as IPFS and Ethereum. The company builds and designs decentralized systems to replace current societal infrastructure, focusing on application with universal impacts such as education, identity building and reputation.

10) BitFinance

BitFinance is a leading Bitcoin Exchange in Africa.  The company allows individuals to buy and sell Bitcoin using their bank account or/and mobile money.

Checkout some of the 1,000 global blockchain companies, If you need more information about these Blockchain technologies, visit their respective websites. Need to know more Blockchain technologies in other parts of the world? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our email updates below.

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