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10 Amazing Websites to Buy Spotify Plays & Followers (Biggest Record Labels’ Secret) 


We are living in the digital era where technology has given everyone super quick and easy access to everything within a few clicks. Even the music industry is no exception when it comes to cherishing the sweet fruits of the internet. Taking a flashback, do you remember how difficult was it to store cassettes and tapes? Or how expensive did it get to buy every musical topping the charts? 

It is no more the case because one-second online availability has replaced physical storage. Also, we can listen to millions of songs by paying nothing or just a negligible subscription fee. Thanks to platforms like Spotify- one of the most popular online apps for music lovers. 

Underrated versus popular music artists

But, each coin has two sides and so does the digital presence of music. It is not only about the listeners but also about music makers and singers. We often come across the word “underrated singer” or “underrated music artist” nowadays. It refers to music artists having immense talent but their reach remaining confined to a few hundred or thousands whereas other record labels hit millions even in one day.

Why does this happen? Why do the soul-stirring music and lyrics of independent artists not show up in our Spotify feed/ suggestions? Why do the artists working under branded labels get crores of plays, but independent artists have to struggle to gain even 1%?

If you believe that all those millions of plays for the music artist working with a big record label were organic, well, it is time to prick your bubble. Yes, you read and understood that right! The reason why independent artists do not get enough plays is that all such brands and their associated artists buy plays and followers. And, they certainly do not want any independent yet brilliant artist to know the secret of such helpful websites.

10 amazing websites to buy Spotify plays and followers

Do not worry if you have just found the truth and feel helpless as a hardworking independent music artist; we are here to spill the beans just for your miraculous talent. You can try the following websites to accelerate your music growth. 

This website is the main marketing agency for a plethora of World Biggest Record Labels nowadays. If you are an independent artist aiming for high numbers or are otherwise indulged in the music business, you must try this website. Spotifypanel is known to supply the world’s cheapest and safest Spotify plays for all countries. They also guarantee fast delivery and Never Drops features.


It is another website from where you can buy spotify plays and followers for your Spotify track. Talking about the geo coverage, their services are TIER 1 Country only (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Major EU Countries). You can also get spotify Saves from this provider. The prices are also quite affordable with the option of a lifetime refill. 


Fast delivery and multiple payment options are some of the top highlights of this website. Morethanpanel have limits on minimum and maximum orders; you can choose the option as per your preference. The rates are competitive yet affordable. From targeted countries to global plays, you can get a myriad of packages and choices herein.


iMusician is indulged in the distribution of music to the Spotify platform and more. Be it about reaching global music platforms or regional shops, you can seek assistance from this website keeping in mind your distribution idea. They offer no annual renewal fees option where you pay only once to keep your music on Spotify and in other stores forever.


You can also try PlaysWiz to get more followers and plays for your music on Spotify. Though you will get a safe delivery option here, delivery is not as fast as on other websites. This platform quotes a duration of 24 to 36 hours which can sometimes be lesser also. So, you have to be patient here to get the delivery. However, this website will also work in your favor.


The website says that you do not have to follow back other Spotify profiles while availing of their services. Delivery is guaranteed but an instant mechanism is not present here; results start pouring in after 24 hours. However, they claim to be 100% safe and private. You can pay them with Bitcoin apart from other typical methods.


Give your music the needed hype by buying followers and plays for Spotify from this website. Check their plans and the inclusions thereof carefully before proceeding with the payment. You can always contact their customer care team if you face any problem or have a query. They promise to share and boost your love for music.


Opt for packages as low as $2.45 and as high as $160.95 from this website. Plays On Fire is dedicated to offering you the sought Spotify listeners and plays. You can expect the delivery between 12- 24 hours after placing the order here. You will find many combo deals with this provider. So, choose the best one for you after thorough analysis. 


This website will offer you Spotify plays and followers with results in 12 to 24 hours. Some of the underlying features posted by the owner of this website are guaranteed refilling, no password, 100% privacy, and constant support. VISA and Bitcoin options are also available for easy payments. 


Great quality, assured assistance, and great security is some of the features you will find on this website as per the owner. Paypal, cryptocurrency, debit cards, and credit cards are some of the ways by which you can pay for Spotify Plays, Followers, and Listeners through this website. They also offer a refund policy and fast delivery to all.

Key takeaway

The first question that might pop into your mind before buying plays and followers for your Spotify music can be whether it is okay to do so. Well, these websites and methods are proving beneficial for umpteen music creators. It has become one of the marketing ways to boost your music reach. Also, even the big record labels are using these websites to gain Spotify followers and plays; so, why should independent artists having miraculous music talent stay behind? 

The only point of caution is that you should always seek help from authenticated and top websites only. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly well before proceeding and paying to avoid any unsafe consequences. You can scrutinize the above-mentioned websites to give your music the kind of reach it deserves.

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