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Top Celebrity Net Worth Blogs Showcasing Rich Celebrities

Most people don’t think of blogging as anything more than just a part-time activity where they get to write about things they enjoy, but there are always exceptions, and successful bloggers usually earn pretty well.

It seems like celebrity net worth blogs are everywhere these days. Now that they have more than just websites and fan sites, they have something to say. Among the stars’ blogs, some are very famous and those that are eccentric.

Are you aware of how much your favorite celebrity makes?

There is never a dull moment when it comes to celebrities’ net worth. As well as knowing what they had for breakfast or what clothing brand they’re wearing, knowing how much money they have is something people find fascinating.

A celebrity blog is a go-to source for the latest celebrity news and wealth information.

Top Celebrity Net Worth Blogs Worth Following

It is also possible to group celebrity blogs by genre. Celebrities blogging sounds like a great job, but it requires a drastic lifestyle change and a lot of dedication if you seek success. Net worth depends on so many things.

The net worth of celebrities and their splits are the subjects of blog updates. Record deals, movies, real estate, and even business ventures.

With all of that being said, here are the top five Celebrity Net Worth Blogs  that your eyeballs will surely pop out of their sockets when reading through.

1. Alphalife

The site Alphalife. me brings together all of the professional types that can make someone famous. Aside from pop stars, actresses, models, and musicians, this site may also feature Instagram stars and sports players.

You’ll also find inspiration and positive sayings from some of the great thinkers from the past. This blog offers many helpful tips about how celebs handle their money and investments.

Watch celebrities’ money whims and learn more about what they are doing simultaneously by bookmarking this site.

2. Wealthy Gorilla

Wealthy Gorilla is focused on money. It includes several sections about celebrity wealth, including a list of the top DJs on the planet and a list of the richest professionals. The navigation bar also includes resources on self-help, entrepreneurship, and fitness tips.

Also, if you strive to make your fortune, you can check out podcasts that may give you a deeper understanding of the world of the rich and famous. Keep up with celebrity news by bookmarking this site.

3. The Richest

Described as “the world’s most entertaining site,” it features well-known celebrities who tell their stories of success and failure. There are many bizarre aspects to a celebrity’s lifestyle that the magazine may qualify as a “gossip mag.”

Sports, money, technology, science, and many other types of information are available. Canada’s largest celebrity magazine features fascinating stories about your favorite celebrities.

4. Celebrity Net Worth

It includes photos and articles about celebrities, along with their net worth and recent financial moves. You may find out when they bought a new home the amount they lost.

Started by Brian Warner, this blog will tell you who the future billionaires are, who lost their fortunes overnight, or even just your favorite celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt. Check out this blog to find out how your favorite celebrities are doing.


The website focuses on making money. However, the subsection of this focuses on high-income celebrity lifestyles.

The title of this blog suggests that the post contains recommendations for investors and people who are looking for a new credit card.

The site also offers a savings account rate calculator and an investment calculator for calculating your potential net worth. Those interested in celebrity lifestyles can find out who is retaining their wealth and losing it.

Where to Find the Latest Celebrity Net Worth Info Online

As you may already know, there are many celebrity net worth blogs online and it’s really just a matter of scouring through the top listings on Google and seeing which ones you like the most. The majority of celebrity blogs are flooded with readers who want to know more about their favorite celebrities, and more often than not… the only difference is which ones have the best visual content and latest information.

And when it comes to content writer and Bloggers who write about celebrities, they are pretty much all over the place — which is great if you are looking to launch a celebrity or entertainment blog of your own. If this is the case, then definitely take a moment to visit each of the sites listed above and see what’s unique about each of them.

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