ZudgeZury is all Set to Launch its Lifestyle App for Android and iOS in October 2022

The blockchain space has made tremendous advancements in recent years, both in terms of user base and investments. Billions of USD are traded every day, be it NFTs or cryptocurrencies. And the numbers are expected to grow manifold in the years to come. Several projects are released daily, some exciting enough to gain users’ attention, while some go unnoticed. And of late, a worrying trend has emerged in the space, the abundance of similar projects, for instance, NFT marketplaces, P2E games, and crypto investment platforms, all of which offered more or less the same features and returns. If that is to remain, blockchain will not serve the intended purpose. 

But all that changes with the release of ZudgeZury’s lifestyle app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store scheduled for October 2022. After the initial positive response from the community, the founding team decided to expand and allow more users to benefit from ZudgeZury, a revolutionary lifestyle platform in every sense.  Is this the next behemoth for the tech world?

What is the ZudgeZury Lifestyle?

Developed by Stanford Raffles Group Inc., ZudgeZury is a Real Time Conflict Resolution Lifestyle Platform. The branding itself is a very creative spin by Z – combining the words “Judge” and “Jury”.   While that may confuse a few, in simple terms, ZudgeZury allows users to post questions or concerns regarding essential aspects of life, for instance, family, shopping, dating, investments, entertainment, travel, education, and much more. A Zudge or a Zury then does an in-depth analysis of the query and chooses the best option the user had provided. ZudgeZury intends to appeal to the basic hedonic needs of the people and aid them in decision-making.

What’s the fun and motivation in it, one may ask? First, there’s the passion for helping fellow community members, in addition to earning social ranks on the platform, and not to forget the app reward tokens. Everyone who joins the platform starts as a Zury member, participates as a Zury, and collectively aids the community members in decision-making. A majority panel of the Zury members will pass the verdicts. Through experiential learning, a Zury member will complete the required number of cases, and maintain quality ratings in response and time, after which they will be promoted to a Zudge. A Zudge can conduct live one-to-one hearings through video calls with the user who posted the query, proclaim a verdict, and earn app reward tokens for the contribution. The best part is that Zudge sets the hearing price, with a premium for urgent hearings.   The app reward tokens, of course, can be redeemed for items in the shop including cash and the utility coin ~ ZudgeZury coin, which can be used for services on the app or traded for stable currency in some exchanges.

While this is the social entertainment remake emulating any judicial system,  another critical aspect that creates monetization opportunities is that the ZudgeZury model allows for multiple revenue sources to ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of the project. Most projects in the blockchain space are usually discontinued after a while as the response from the community dissipates owing to the lack of resources, but ZudgeZury has found a way to eliminate the problem.

Eyeing corporate accounts and advertising revenues, the platform allows companies to present reasonable and viable solutions to users in the form of products and services based on their queries and obtain feedback to devise better marketing mix strategies.   At the same time, the demographic and psychographic data of the global app users present a sea of opportunities for targeted products and services.

ZudgeZury will target users from all age and language groups, cultures, nationalities, genders, and professions across the globe. Based on the initial response and feedback from the community, the potential of ZudgeZury is vast and we see the coming of another unicorn for the tech world.

ZudgeZury coin (ZZC) offers exciting opportunities to users 

ZudgeZury coin, an ERC-20 utility token developed on Ethereum, will be an acceptable utility token on all apps and projects developed by Stanford Raffles Group Inc.  These will be across domains, including virtual, retail, and service-based industries. At present, users can use ZudgeZury coins on ZudgeZury, to begin with.

The team has devised several protocols to ensure that the value of the ZudgeZury coin would remain relatively stable and not be affected by market fluctuations. The primary factor behind it is that the token would be released based on its demand, ensuring optimal market supply and stability.  

The ZudgeZury coin’s total supply is capped at 1,000,000 B, which has been appropriately distributed amongst various critical requirements to ensure long-term growth and a steady rise in the coin’s value. The coin is expected to capture the markets as its use case in the app grows with the number of app users.   The initial value of the ZudgeZury coin has been kept low to allow more users to join the ZudgeZury community and become a part of the ecosystem. 

ZudgeZury is open to VC/Angel funding rounds, and those interested can inquire or crowdfund.   The project’s pre-money evaluation currently stands at $20 million USD.

Even those who are not financially savvy can benefit from the core conflict resolution features offered in the ZudgeZury app. So, make sure to download and experience the ZudgeZury app once it’s launched in October 2022.  Welcome to the ZudgeZury lifestyle and witness the revolution from its early days.

ZudgeZury ~ Hard Choices, Easy Decisions.

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