ZTX Web3 Platform Announces Strategic Partnership With Frontier to Use ZTX Token as Means of Payment 

ZTX Token as Means of Payment 
  • Recently launched ZTX token, popular among Japanese crypto investors, can now be used to pay for medical services at Frontier.
  • Frontier customers, who are early adopters of this payment option, may be eligible for a discount.
  • The partnership will significantly increase liquidity and utility for the ZTX token.

Web3 platform ZTX, a fast-growing metaverse community that is focused on empowering creators and communities, has announced a strategic partnership with Frontier Co. Ltd., a leading distributor of regenerative medicine in Japan. According to the announcement, the ZTX token, which is the native token for the ZTX metaverse platform, can now be used as a payment option for all Frontier services. 

Through leveraging the power of the ZTX token, which is backed by the ZEPETO community, Frontier anticipates growing its network in the coming years. Moreover, the company has pledged to offer an interesting discount for early adopters of this payment option.

Frontier has established itself in Japan by providing comprehensive treatments using cells that are derived from exosomes. As a result, ZTX token holders seeking regenerative medicine for disease treatment and beauty therapy can rush to any Frontier outlet as soon as possible to be eligible for early discounts.

“ZTX is a top Web3 project with an elite global team and high interest from the Japanese public because of the popularity of its Web2 legacy platform in Japan. We are truly excited to work with ZTX and spearhead the adoption of crypto in the medical sector in Japan,” Seiichi Tobata, Chief Executive Officer at Frontier, noted.

ZTX Platform Assures More Partnerships Ahead

The partnership between the ZTX platform and Frontier is a clear indication that the ZTX team led by Alexx, the Chief Futurist, is committed to future growth. Furthermore, the ZTX platform is backed by top-tier web3 investors including Jump Crypto and Everest Ventures Group, among others. 

Worth noting that the ZTX platform raised $13 million in its seed funding round last year, at the height of the crypto bear market. Amid the mainstream adoption of digital assets and web3 protocols around the world, ZTX intends to further partner with other companies to ensure the longevity of its platform.

“ZTX has been advancing its mission to empower people to reimagine their identities digitally. Frontier’s efforts to physically rejuvenate people mirrors our digital mission, and we are delighted to collaborate with such a forward-thinking partner. As we work on many diverse partnerships across geographies and sectors, we hope to bring further utility to ZTX assets through milestones like this,” Alexx noted.

Market Impact

The strategic partnership between ZTX and Frontier will basically improve the liquidity and utility of ZTX tokens. The small-cap altcoin, with a fully diluted valuation of about $115 million and a daily average traded volume of around $1.3 million, has around 7.3k holders according to on-chain data.

As of this report, the ZTX token has a liquidity of about $175k in Wrapped Ether (WETH) in addition to other liquidity pools. Over time, Frontier could easily become a top liquidity provider for the ZTX token, thus ultimately fueling the overall bullish outlook. 

Following the announcement of the strategic partnership between ZTX and Frontier, the ZTX token has attracted more buyers than sellers in the past 24 hours to trade at around $0.0114 at the time of this report.

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