ZTX Web3 Platform Announces Strategic Collaboration With OpenSea NFT Marketplace To Enable Genesis Home Mint

Genesis Home Mint
  • The ZTX Genesis Home Mint is expected to start on August 30 at 11:00 PM GMT+3, via Ethereum’s L2 network Arbitrum on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

  • The ZTX Web3 platform is introducing 4,000 bespoke 3D-rendered District Homes via the Genesis Home Mint.

  • The virtual world platform has set the floor price at 0.06 ETH for both the allowlist and public sale on August 30 and 31 respectively.

After several months of waiting and meticulous planning, ZTX – a project focused on delivering a virtual ecosystem for an immersive 3D open world – has announced the launch of its Genesis Home Mint in close partnership with the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea. As a result, the ZTX ecosystem of a vibrant community and creators has been invited to participate in the event scheduled on August 30 and 31. Notably, Genesis Home Mint investors are expected to use the Ethereum (ETH) layer two scaling solution Arbitrum (ARB) to facilitate the process. 

Ideally, NFT buyers on OpenSea via the Arbitrum L2 network need to add Arbitrum to their wallet and bridge the ETH to Arbi ETH.

We are excited to partner with ZTX to bring their first-ever mint to life. We believe that great games powered by NFTs will not only onboard new users to blockchain technology but also help the gaming industry evolve. ZTX is pushing the space forward,” Oliver Maroney, who leads Gaming Partnerships at OpenSea, said in a statement. OpenSea has just announced the Mint on X and on Instagram

Closer Look at ZTX Genesis Home Mint

The ZTX Web3 platform has invested a lot of resources and time to make sure the Genesis Home Mint is a success. The platform undertook two distribution phases for the Genesis Home Mint: the pre-sale and the main sale. Notably, the ZTX Genesis Home Mint pre-sale ended on August 23 after the 2,000 NFT units were sold out. The main sale, which is scheduled for the end of August, will involve another 2,000 NFT units at a floor price of 0.06 ETH. 

The main sale will be divided into stage 1 which encompasses allowlist on August 30 and stage 2, which involves public sale with a limit of 5 units per wallet. 

We’re excited to present the first mint of our ecosystem. The many benefits that are geared towards the community and creators via these Genesis Homes are reflective of our commitment to rewarding loyal users and builders. That has not been lost by our early backers, who have been the forces behind our presale already successfully selling out. We will continue to build to provide creators the infrastructure tooling necessary to scale up and offer diverse 3D experiences, in order to be a long-term partner for the many builders in the web3 space,” Chris Jang, the Co-CEO of ZTX, noted.

The Genesis Home Mint encompasses uniquely crafted NFTs that give the holder several utilities and access to future rewards through the ZTX Web3 platform. Furthermore, the digital collectibles are designed to offer continued opportunities for creators to build and engage with diverse fans and communities while collecting an array of on-chain rewards for their creative work. 

Notably, the Genesis Home Mint involves four ZTX Districts – Fashion, Games, Finance, and Arts. The digital collectible owners can enter their homes and decorate the rooms per their respective desires, thus hosting gatherings and events. Most importantly, the home NFTs will serve as membership passes granting governance rights to the community treasuries of the four ZTX Districts, which will each pursue independent grants and initiatives to support or reward different creators. 

Market Outlook 

The ZTX Web3 platform recently made headlines earlier this month after closing its seed funding round with $13 million. The company’s seed funding round was led by digital asset veteran venture capital Jump Crypto with notable contributions from Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group, among many others. The company highlighted that the funds will be used to enhance its infrastructure and also ensure a strategic marketing plan.

Mid-July, the company announced that it had collaborated with Dust Labs, a leading web3 startup powering the technology behind the DeGods and y00ts digital collections, to launch the ZTX Partner Wearables, a community-centric initiative. Through the partnership with Dust Labs, the ZTX metaverse platform provides tools to IP partners to facilitate the creation of 3D assets that can be used in an open-world environment to further expand the IP’s narrative. 

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