ZTX Unveils Beta of its 3D Open-World Platform with Exclusive Access and Rewards

ZTX- 3D Open-World Platform with Exclusive Access and Rewards

ZTX, a pioneering Web3 virtual world designed to empower creators and foster thriving communities, has announced a major milestone in its development journey. The company has officially launched the first series of its Playtests, unveiling the beta testing environment for its highly anticipated 3D open-world platform. The playtest will gran select participants exclusive access to the immersive ZTX universe, providing them with an opportunity to explore its functionalities and engaging activities while offering valuable feedback. With a strong focus on rewarding early adopters, ZTX is set to revolutionize the metaverse experience through its innovative gameplay and asset ownership features.

A Playground for Immersive Interactions and Digital Asset Transactions

ZTX’s mission to create an inclusive and interactive virtual environment for users takes a significant step forward with the introduction of the Playtests. Built on the Arbitrum blockchain, ZTX opens up a myriad of possibilities for users to experience social interactions, partake in exciting games, and actively participate in governance while conducting transactions involving digital assets. By embracing decentralization and blockchain technology, ZTX allows users to enjoy true ownership and control over their in-game assets, enabling a more immersive and rewarding experience.

In its inaugural Playtest, ZTX unveils the “decorator mode,” allowing users to explore and personalize their virtual land and homes in the ZTX universe through their unique ZTX Avatars. The virtual land is initially presented in a pre-decorated mode, serving as inspiration for users to furnish and customize their digital real estate. Additionally, the platform provides participants with pre-seeded inventories filled with diverse assets, further enhancing the scope for creativity and personalization. As subsequent Playtests roll out, users can look forward to exciting new gameplay features such as harvesting, material ownership, trading, and crafting, enriching the overall experience and ensuring continuous engagement within the community.

ZTX - 3D Open-World Platform

Join the Exclusive Playtests: Navigating the Path to Becoming a Genesis Citizen

Participation in the Playtests requires obtaining a non-transferrable ZTX Access Pass, which can be earned in two ways. The first option is by securing the coveted “Genesis Citizen” role in the ZTX Discord channel, a prestigious status bestowed upon active and passionate members of the ZTX community. The second option involves participating in the ZTX Community Week event, which challenges participants with daily online tasks and activities. By fostering an engaged and enthusiastic user base, ZTX aims to create a dynamic and supportive community that plays a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s development.

With the official launch of the Playtests, ZTX’s 3D open-world platform takes center stage, promising a new era of creativity, ownership, and community engagement. Offering an array of immersive activities and functionalities, ZTX empowers its users to shape their virtual reality and experience the metaverse like never before. As the journey unfolds, ZTX looks forward to welcoming more creators, enthusiasts, and visionaries to its thriving ecosystem, where they can connect, explore, and thrive in the vibrant universe of ZTX.

For those interested in embarking on this adventure, securing a coveted ZTX Access Pass is the first step to becoming a Genesis Citizen. By joining the Playtests, participants not only gain early access to ZTX’s cutting-edge features but also contribute to the platform’s growth through their valuable feedback. As the metaverse evolves, ZTX stands tall as a testament to the transformative potential of Web3 technology in shaping the future of virtual interactions and immersive experiences.

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