ZorroSign Throws Weight Behind Legislation For The Creation of Blockchain


The CEO of ZorroSign, Inc., Shamsh Hadi, recently announced the company’s support for the recently introduced bill by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 3543 to establish a Blockchain Center of Excellence within the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Blockchain Technology Coordination Act of 2021 seeks to create an office to oversee all blockchain-related non-defense-related deployment and activities within the federal government.

Throughout my career in the high-tech industry, and especially through my work as CEO of a technology company that lives and breathes consumer data privacy and security, I have come to learn that blockchain has a critical role to play in helping the federal government to maximize its ability to have a high level of security and ensure the integrity of the vast amounts of data stored and used by federal agencies,” said Shamsh Hadi, on endorsing the legislation.

Establishing a Blockchain Center of Excellence within the federal government will put the U.S. government at the forefront globally in ensuring that the full potential of blockchain technology is properly harnessed and developed. The stakes could not be higher,” noted Hadi. “Establishing a Blockchain Center of Excellence is essential to America’s ability to compete globally with China and others,” he continued.

The tech expert and blockchain enthusiast expressed his appreciation that the likes of Congressman Soto have come to realize the importance and potentials of blockchain technology to the future growth of the country’s economy.

Blockchain is important because it has unique qualities that set it apart from other transaction database management systems,” said Hadi. “Specifically, blockchain is being used today in private, permissions-based decentralized systems that are secure, trusted, and automated with bank-grade security. Ultimately, blockchain technology helps make digital transactions more secure, faster, and less expensive.

Legislation such as the Blockchain Technology Coordination Act must be passed this year to ensure that America remains the leader when it comes to the effective employment of cutting edge technologies like blockchain,” added Hadi, a founding member of the Association for Data and Cyber Governance (ADCG). Hadi further explained that, “having a Blockchain Center of Excellence for the federal government is a critical step forward in terms of ensuring that every federal agency continues to upgrade and improve the security and efficiency of its IT systems. And the best way to maximize the effectiveness of blockchain technology is to employ blockchain as part of the long-term transition to modern and secure IT systems that employ redundancy and the latest advances in cyber technology.”

In a related development, Hadi and his team at ZorroSign have leveraged technology to create groundbreaking solutions to help save the planet. The company is popularly known as the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform, a complete Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution. Its patented Document 4n6 (forensics) technology provides users with post-execution fraud detection and verification and authentication of electronic signatures and documents using blockchain tokenization.

The company also launched the PaperlessLife initiative, ensuring that every customer contributes to saving a tree and the environment by not printing paper. The company plants a tree for every purchase, as ZorroSign continues in the pursuit of saving the planet using this technology to save trees, water and carbon footprint.

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About ZorroSign Inc.

ZorroSign, Inc. is a leading provider of digital signature technology and ZorroSign DTM—a secure platform delivering digital signature and digital transaction management. The company’s DTM solution is designed to streamline end-to-end digital transactions with bank-grade protection and security certificates that never expire to meet the needs of governments, corporations, and individuals.

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