Zoom Announces Acceptance to “Startup with IBM”, the Global Entrepreneurship Program by IBM

IBM started an entrepreneurship program called “Startup with IBM” which was set up to help entrepreneurs get transformative growths in their various businesses with the aid of the blockchain technology. Zoom, which is a platform set up for project managements and global outsourcing made an announcement of its being accepted into IBM’s entrepreneurship program.

Zoom is a platform created to enable seamless interaction between virtual companies looking to outsource, and freelancers with skills to offer. Zoom’s functionality is dependent on the blockchain technology, as well as smart contracts, and the use of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the platform’s security is cryptographic in nature, due to the use of the blockchain in creating the network’s ecosystem, and thus makes the platform able to simultaneously support different projects at various stages. Also, as part of the platform’s functionality, it uses a utility token that is incentivized to enable users to make purchases on the platform at reduced costs.

Zoom and the Startup with IBM Initiative

This initiative by IBM was created to help startups enjoy some considerable growth, and it hopes to achieve this by ensuring that its partners are provided with innovative technologies and services suitable for growth in the marketplace. Also, IBM seeks to contribute substantially to its partners via its ability to provide solutions essential in the convening of market activities to the target markets, with the aid of innovative technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Watson.

Zoom has just joined the initiative and thus has a partnership status with IBM. The partnership will help in the enhancement of the Zoom platform, with the aid of the vast array of technologies owned by IBM, some of which include Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Processing, and various code patterns. Zoom’s functionality will experience tremendous improvement as it provides a better way of carrying out global outsourcing. Furthermore, the integration of Watson into Zoom’s system will grant users seamless access to enhanced processes in both transactions and outsourcing.

Benefits of the Partnership

Apart from the improvement in the functionality of the Zoom platform, there are other benefits from the partnership, some of which include:

  • Real-time Guidance

By using the platform, virtual companies will be able to enjoy real-time assistance when outsourcing.

  • Target Market

With the partnership, Zoom will gain access to a wider range of developers, partners, customers, sellers and buyers from different parts of the world, via IBM’s marketplace.

  • Community Increase via Token Investments

Zoom has a utility token for incentives and purchasing of goods and services on the platform, the partnership will increase the community, as more token investors join the Zoom network.

Plamen Nedyalkov, the CEO of Zoom has expressed his excitement at the partnership, and is of the opinion that the partnerships and similar ones with IBM will grant developers, customers, and partners from around the world, an opportunity to create and launch apps and services that will proffer solutions to various problems experienced in the real world, even in the future.

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