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ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed – Which Job Hiring Platform is Best?

In today’s competitive job market, it makes sense to put yourself in a position to have the edge over other applicants.

Many job seekers out there are looking for websites that successfully connect applicants with well-paying jobs.

There are several Internet job sites, including ZipRecruiter vs Indeed. Although they are both dedicated to helping people find jobs, they differ in how they charge.

According to our research, Indeed has a much larger user base than ZipRecruiter, but that doesn’t mean it’s better based on your goals. This article will be helpful to you whether you are a job poster or job seeker.

Which Is Better, ZipRecruiter or Indeed?

Each platform comes with its perks and pitfalls. It is officially the largest job board of its kind and is the industry standard.

However, ZipRecruiter is better suited to positions that require social media and networking skills.

  • Number of Job Postings

Indeed, simply because of their pricing model, Indeed currently leads in terms of some job postings.

ZipRecruiter charges $249 for every job posting, while Indeed does it all for free. The reason why companies go with Indeed is that companies never tire of freebies.

  • Job Posting Quality

It’s not always the case that a platform with more job postings is better. ZipRecruiter makes a more serious effort to find legitimate jobs of high quality. Indeed tends to attract companies that don’t offer good jobs due to its free posting policy.

What Platform Makes It Easier to Apply?

Every person’s needs are different. Every individual has a different preference for platforms.

  • Interview Questions

However, employers still use hiring questionnaires as they allow them to spot bad hires in a hurry. Employers don’t have to fill out forms if they don’t like filling out questionnaires.

On both platforms, the questionnaires are used differently. Indeed, applications with poor answers will be automatically excluded, even if the candidates are otherwise highly qualified.

  • Skill Tests

Indeed, the platform is currently the only one that relies on skill tests to vet applicants, which is a contentious topic. The tests are often considered low-quality and unrealistic by applicants.

Many candidates and recruiters agree that skills tests are pointless. A job application does not have to include them.

  • Resume Reading

Indeed, ZipRecruiter has misread application details and post them in the wrong places when applicants upload data.

According to anecdotes, Indeed has more problems with resume formats than ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter requires people to enter their work history in their profile manually.

  • Mobile Interfaces

Both Indeed and ZipRecruiter can claim to have mobile-friendly websites. Their platform, while on the move, is indeed versatile. Instant messaging is the most mobile-friendly feature on ZipRecruiter.

Regardless of the messaging aspect, ZipRecruiter is a better option for people who work from laptops and have their resumes on their desktops.

Even though these apps are mobile-friendly to a certain extent, ZipRecruiter’s gets top ratings on Apple and Google Play.

  • Profile Setup

ZipRecruiter excels at creating a profile that allows job seekers to display all their value. Users of ZipRecruiter can post referrals along with standardized profiles and staffing history.

Where do people find it easiest to communicate?

ZipRecruiter and Indeed allow job hunters and recruiters to converse in vastly different ways. It can make all the difference for people who need structure or want a better idea of their interests.

People prefer Indeed’s communication methods to ZipRecruiter’s. Through ZipRecruiter, job applicants do not have a communication management section, as Indeed does.

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed Summary

Employers who want to hire candidates can find and hire them with ZipRecruiter and Indeed. While both sites offer plans that cover most needs, ZipRecruiter places job ads on more job boards, which may help you find candidates faster.

Ziprecruiter is more intuitive and easier to use for most employers. It is free to sign up for both services for job seekers. The two of them can be used in your job search, or you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Hopefully you found a lot of value in the information detailed in this article. If you did, we recommend you read through some of our latest reference guides on TikTok vs Instagram and how to use API data for improving your in-house data management.

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