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ZipRecruiter Review 2023: Exploring the Latest Features, Plans, pros and cons

ZipRecruiter is a prominent job-seeking platform that endeavors to facilitate optimal matches between enterprises and qualified candidates for their vacant positions. Its AI-based algorithm functions to identify and approach particular job seekers who are most suitable for a job opening as soon as it is announced. The network’s expanse is among the world’s largest for job seekers, thus enhancing the likelihood of acquiring a substantial pool of applicants and consequently boosting the possibility of discovering an ideal candidate.

How Does ZipRecruiter Work?

ZipRecruiter operates by allowing users to create tailored job postings utilizing one of their many available templates. Upon posting, the platform promptly transmits the job opening to over 100 other job sites. Subsequently, 

ZipRecruiter’s AI-based technology evaluates thousands of resumes, taking into account candidates’ skills, education, and prior work experience, and encourages qualified job seekers to apply for the position. Employers can also elect to have pre-written messages automatically dispatched to their top prospects.

The platform’s dashboard displays a list of job candidates, which employers can classify and rate. Furthermore, based on an employer’s preferred characteristics, ZipRecruiter sends additional candidate profiles that align with their favored applicant attributes. You can try for free before purchasing it.

ZipRecruiter for Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter offers a suite of services for job seekers and employers alike. Job seekers can easily apply for positions with a single click of a button by utilizing their existing resume on file. They can search for available job opportunities on the ZipRecruiter website or via the mobile app. Phil, ZipRecruiter’s AI recruiter, assists job seekers in identifying relevant positions, promoting their resumes to prospective employers, and inviting them to apply.

As soon as an employer reviews a candidate’s application, the candidate receives an alert so they can remain informed throughout the recruitment process.

ZipRecruiter for Employers

Employers can benefit from ZipRecruiter’s diverse array of services, which include posting job openings on more than 100 job sites, issuing job alerts and mobile notifications to potential candidates, and leveraging Traffic Boost to quickly fill challenging or urgent vacancies.

Their top-tiered plan integrates with external applicant tracking systems, allowing employers to stay up-to-date on the candidate selection process at all times.

ZipRecruiter further aids employers in creating impactful job postings by providing over 500 customizable job description templates, as well as screening questions that can assist in filtering out unqualified candidates.

ZipRecruiter Customer Service

ZipRecruiter offers a comprehensive Employer Help Center with documentation that covers various topics related to job posting, candidate management, account setup, subscription and billing, and more. Additionally, you can reach out to their customer support team for assistance via phone or live chat. The live chat feature is available 24/7, ensuring that you can get help whenever you need it.

ZipRecruiter Pros and Cons


ZipRecruiter offers several advantages to both job seekers and employers. One of its best features is the AI matching technology, which saves employers time by bringing the most relevant candidates to them. The platform also provides access to a large pool of job seekers through more than 100 job sites. In addition, employers can choose from hundreds of customizable job templates to help them get started. Another benefit is the ability to try the platform for free for the first four days. Finally, if employers opt for the Premium plan, they can access a résumé database that they can download if desired.


One of the cons of ZipRecruiter is that it offers fewer features compared to its competitors. Other job sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer more features and benefits, but at a higher advertising cost. ZipRecruiter may not be the best solution for those looking for more advanced features and capabilities.

Moreover, ZipRecruiter may not be suitable for all types of jobs. While it is a great platform for posting manual labor or entry-level jobs, professional jobs may not have as many job seekers on the platform. The trending jobs on the platform may also give an indication of the types of jobs that are popular. The cost of using ZipRecruiter can be high for small businesses with a single job opening, and there are limited controls to make your job post stand out from others.

Although ZipRecruiter has a large network of job seekers, it may not be the best option for professional-level positions. It is better suited for manual labor, entry-level or specialty positions.

Is ZipRecruiter Right for You or Your Business?

ZipRecruiter is a simple job posting platform that attracts applicants quickly. ZipRecruiter works best for specialty, entry-level, and manual labor jobs. If you’re trying to fill more professional positions, other platforms may be a better fit. To find the best job posting platform for your business, compare features and costs.


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