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Zihao Li’s Big Picture Approach to Big Data Helps Companies Succeed

In today’s digital corporate landscape, harnessing the power of big data is paramount for organizational success. Data analytics serves as the cornerstone, enabling organizations to optimize operations, make informed decisions, and bolster profitability. This endeavor hinges not only on data collection but also on adept interpretation and the subsequent conversion of data into actionable insights. Achieving this goal necessitates a profound grasp of software tools and programming, coupled with collaborative synergy among software engineers and project/product managers.

Zihao Li, a seasoned authority in product and data management, has a wealth of experience as a software engineer and a comprehensive skill set that encompasses stakeholder engagement, financial planning, and data analysis. Currently positioned as a senior staff member at a leading global financial services and investment company in Raleigh, NC, Li spearheaded the successful launch of multiple internal data platform products in collaboration with the company’s engineering and IT service teams.

Zihao Li - seasoned authority in product and data management

Zihao Li

In his illuminating article “How to Boost Success Beyond Collection with Effective Data Insights,” Li offers invaluable perspectives about the process of comprehending and consolidating data, accompanied by a clear roadmap for leveraging its full analytical potential. Li emphasizes, “Numerous companies grapple with the challenge of transitioning from data collection to data insights. Often, this difficulty arises from a dearth of expertise in data analysis and an inability to effectively interpret the data…Without the right tools, companies run the risk of being inundated by a deluge of inconsequential data. It is imperative to invest in the skills, tools, and technologies necessary to transform raw data into valuable insights capable of steering business decisions.”

Zihao Li’s impact extends beyond software and data management. He spearheaded the company’s database development and crafted a dynamic dashboard tailored to IT stakeholders and senior management. This dashboard serves as the go-to platform for accessing crucial metrics and optimizing business operations. Li’s dedication is evident as he explains, “I’ve diligently worked on our company’s database, resulting in a comprehensive dashboard that empowers IT owners and senior managers to access vital metrics and chart the course for superior business performance.”

Zihao Li’s successful career is the result of a meticulously planned trajectory. Five years before earning his Master of Science in information science from UNC Chapel Hill, he intentionally pursued a career as a product manager, starting as a software engineer and gaining project management experience to enhance his capabilities. His well-rounded education equips him to identify gaps in data engineering and operational strategy, while his expertise in conducting stakeholder interviews and market research helps him pinpoint trends in data product operations and translate them into actionable engineering-oriented user stories. Li is a trailblazer in data management, emphasizing the importance of bridging technical and business language as a product manager, transcending mere report writing. Li emphasizes that being a product manager transcends the realm of report writing. “Being a product manager is not just about writing reports,” he explains. “It’s more about how you can speak the technical and business language at the same time.” 

Zihao Li’s exemplary track record and multifaceted expertise underscore his invaluable role in steering his company toward data-driven success. With his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, Li continues to be a driving force in the dynamic world of data management. Li’s success is rooted in his ability to both understand and collaborate with different groups, teams, and individuals within a company, and have them work together in a seamless fashion to create a robust bottom line. 

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