ZIGDAO’s Native Coin $ZIG Sees Remarkable Fourfold Rise in One Month

ZIGDAO's Native Coin $ZIG

The surging price of ZIGDAO’s native coin, $ZIG, has caught everyone’s attention, skyrocketing from US$0.0042 to US$0.0184 in just a month—a mammoth fourfold rise. But what lies behind this impressive growth?

Zignaly, now recognized as ZIGDAO, is not just any platform – it has successfully integrated cutting-edge AI solutions to optimize crypto trading. But the mere description hardly does justice to its expansive reach. 

With the trust of over 500,000+ members and a whopping US$125 million invested in crypto assets, ZIGDAO boasts a staggering US$8 billion in trading volume. 

Healthy Flow of Innovations

Led by a dedicated team of crypto industry experts, ZIGDAO has never lacked innovation. Consistent efforts to become more effective as a platform has kept ZIGDAO ahead of its peers. 

The launch of Z-Prime, a set of advanced tools for fund managers and high-net-worth investors (HNWI) – has helped it stay resilient in a bear market. Customized solutions with seamless service, zero latency, and identical returns have helped it become the first choice for many traders. 

Achieving Scale through Best-in-Class Performance

Over the years, ZIGDAO has managed to earn user trust by exhibiting its capability to efficiently handle volume. Its flagship profit-sharing platform is operative with more than 500,000 users and US$125 Mn in assets under management. Remarkably, the platform saw exponential growth, expanding its customer base from a mere couple thousand to half a million users within just a year. This rapid adoption hints not just at the platform’s efficiency but also at its value proposition to Digital Asset Investors.

ZIGDAO showed that while it could offer seamless service even when the volume was high, it could also retain its value, usefulness, and competitive trade advantages. ZIGDAO’s success-fee-based model proved to be one such trade advantage where investors paid only when expert traders made a profit. 

Thriving With an Ecosystem

While perfecting its service remained its steadfast objective, ZIGDAO ensured the development of a thriving ecosystem. It made sincere efforts to understand the market needs and ensured that the solutions it developed were unique and, in many cases, one-of-its-kind. 

In building the ecosystem, ZIGDAO struck collaborative partnerships with the best players in the market. It also struck a partnership with Binance under the Binance Link Program, an initiative that helps enterprise clients build their businesses leveraging Binance technology. 

Autonomy and Thought Leadership 

ZIGDAO ensured that its operations always had users at its core and its services were user-centric. Its belief in greater autonomy and more power in the hands of the users inspired it to shift to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)- a model where $ZIG token holders had the powers of governance vested in them, encouraging more and more individuals to acquire and hold $ZIG tokens. 

ZIGDAO also kept sharing knowledge with its users. Helping its users to make informed choices in time helped gain trust and enhance transparency. 

With all these factors playing their role, ZIGDAO became more than the sum of its parts. It is that intangible trust in its capabilities that reflects in the rise of its native coin’s price. 

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