Zhiyun Launches Two New Products WEEBILL 3S and CRANE M3S, Upgrades Camera Gimbal to Lighten Creative Experience

On May 10, Zhiyun released the WEEBILL 3S and CRANE M3S camera gimbals, which continue the strength of their previous products while upgrading many shooting interactions. They aim to create more lightweight professional productivity equipment for creators. What new upgrades do the new products bring, and how will Zhiyun lay out the photography market? Perhaps the launch of these new products can discover new market trends.

Simplification and Comfortable Teapot Mode on WEEBILL 3S

Zhiyun released the WEEBILL 3 with the first-ever teapot mode 2.0 in June 2022, which lowered the center of gravity of the teapot to improve shooting stability. At the same time, the teapot handle was adjusted to a retractable design to adapt to the photographer’s gripping habits. For the first time, a labor-saving wrist support was added to reduce the photographer’s physical weight by 40%. Teapot mode 2.0 continues the original intention of Zhiyun’s “lightening the load” to help photographers enjoy creating more easily.

Based on the design of teapot mode 2.0, Zhiyun WEEBILL 3S further optimized the teapot base by making the entire structure detachable and flexible. The grip can be selected in the traditional single vertical grip mode, while the teapot handle can be rotated sideways to a dual-hand grip, providing two shooting methods. The wrist support is optimized for a better shooting experience, with the knob adjusting the angle of the wrist to improve comfort significantly. WEEBILL 3S makes the teapot mode more flexible, giving users more shooting choices.

WEEBILL 3S Adopts a New Quick Release Plate Designed for Native Vertical Shooting

From the previous “flashlight mode” to adding an L-shaped vertical version and a cage, the industry gimbals have been striving to optimize camera vertical shooting. Vertical shooting needs to solve the problem of camera leveling and assembly and disassembly difficulty. The quick release plate of Zhiyun WEEBILL 3S has an axis arm installation slot on the side, which can be removed entirely and installed in camera vertical shooting mode by rotating 90 degrees, with high operation efficiency and no additional structure or load. It is currently one of the more mature vertical shooting solutions in the industry. This design also greatly reduces the photographer’s need for expanding L-shaped vertical plates and cages, reducing costs and extra weight.

In terms of other performance and loading, Zhiyun WEEBILL 3S continues to use the tenth-generation honeycomb stabilization algorithm and extensive loading. It also features a built-in dual-color temperature fill light with 1000Lux, and the shooting performance of mainstream micro-single cameras can still be met. It is worth mentioning that compared with WEEBILL 3, WEEBILL 3S cancels the built-in microphone, reducing some axis arm space and hardware costs, making WEEBILL 3S more affordable.

CRANE M3S upgraded quick disassembly system, still light and elegant

In 2021, Zhiyun released the white micro single-camera gimbal CRANE M3, continuing the positioning of the CRANE M with multiple carrying options, focusing on the lightweight micro single-camera and digital camera markets. The CRANE M3S has upgraded its double-layer quick mounting design based on the previous generation, which is compatible with free adjustment and leveling, and the disassembly efficiency has reached the top level in the industry. The overall appearance and design of the previous generation has been maintained, and the white camera style is more fresh and elegant. The CRANE M3S has a net weight of only 705g, making it one of the lightest professional gimbals for micro single-camera, with a focus on carrying and shooting performance that can also meet the needs of photographers.

Upgraded control protocol, both gimbals add wireless Bluetooth shutter

In addition, the peak brightness of the CRANE M3S’s fill light has been upgraded from the previous generation’s 800Lux to 1000Lux, and the color temperature range is 2700K-5500K. Both support the wheel-type infinite adjustment of dual color temperature and brightness, with improved fill light effect and user-friendly operation. In order to improve the camera control experience, both the WEEBILL 3S and CRANE M3S have upgraded their Bluetooth shutter function, which supports the shooting and recording control of mainstream cameras. According to Zhiyun engineers, the cameras that can be controlled by Bluetooth will also continue to synchronize with the new cameras of each brand as they are launched to ensure an efficient and creative experience for photographers.

Partnering with Zhiyun’s lightweight film and television lights, ushering in the era of mobile imaging 2.0

Video shooting tools have transitioned from cumbersome Steadicam to handheld electronic three-axis gimbals, and personal creation has moved towards the outdoor and convenient mobile imaging 1.0 era. In recent years, the trend of handheld shooting has continued to advance, and Zhiyun has also integrated the design concept of lightweight and high power into the development of film and television lights. The film and television lights developed not only have professional light, but also break through the limitations of technology and heat dissipation structure, making traditional film and television lights light and small. This time, the new gimbals, together with the MOLUS X100 and FIVERAY M40 pocket lights, can greatly improve the picture quality of outdoor mobile shooting scenes, making the video not only stable, but also possessing light and shadow texture and artistic creativity, helping photographers shoot extremely cinematic videos and ushering in the era of mobile imaging 2.0.

Last year, Zhiyun entered the film and television lighting market with its solid foundation in gimbal electronic control technology, core algorithm, and structural design, redefining the concept of “lightweight and high power” for lighting. With the brand concept of “thinking it, doing it,” it calls on the imaging industry to return to user innovation as products, helping photographers realize their original creative dreams. It is reported that Zhiyun will also develop and launch more professional high-power photography lighting fixtures that break through technical barriers, as well as flagship products that integrate Zhiyun’s innovative concepts in the gimbal field. Through the strong combination of stable shooting and light and shadow control, it will create an era of mobile imaging for photographers, helping more photographers improve the visual quality of their work and empowering individual creativity and studios to create high-value benefits.

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