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ZEX PR WIRE Announces its Upgraded Platform with Features for frictionless PR Experience

ZEX PR WIRE is proud to announce its ZEX PR WIRE 2.1 version with some key features upgraded to run easier content distribution and PR campaigns.

Since its inception, the goal of ZEX PR WIRE is to provide a robust and easy-to-use platform for press release distribution. The core idea behind the ZEX PR WIRE is to provide affordable & guaranteed press release distribution service. 

Unlike other PR Firms or PR agencies in this domain, ZEX PR WIRE is a complete SAAS solution where any PR campaign can be done within a few clicks. Keeping up with the main goal of making a platform user-friendly, ZEX PR WIRE launches ZEX PR WIRE 2.1 with some major and essential features & upgrades.

List of upgrades and features in ZEX PR WIRE 2.1


  • Email and Phone number verification: Only users need to verify their email addresses as well as phone numbers so as to prove the authenticity of their account.
  • Enhanced Media Gallery: Now users at ZEX PR WIRE have an enhanced Media Gallery where they can copy their uploaded images and even delete some if not in use.
  • Better Email Notifications:  Users will be notified after creating their account, making payment, submitting press releases, actions on the press release by the editorial team, notification on publishing status, and notification on report generation of the respective press release campaign.
  • Enlarged News Syndications Network: Users will now see more news outlets that will be covering press releases for much higher reach and web visibility.
  • Optimized platform user experience: Users will see a better version of the current user’s dashboard, where it will be easy to navigate and conduct any press release campaign.
  • Better support center: Users will now receive a better and faster response from the support center on the web as well as on WhatsApp
  • Bugs fix: Some minor bugs fixed
  • Create Multiple Company Profiles: Users will be able to create multiple company profiles so as to run different campaigns for different companies.


How to verify your email address and phone number on the ZEX PR WIRE platform?

Existing Users: Existing Users will see email verification notifications during logging into their accounts.

New Users: New users will see email verification options while signing up only.

Phone number verification: For both existing and new users, phone number verification will be required during submitting the PR (only the first time).


ZEX PR WIRE is a press release distribution platform that facilitates users to conduct any press release or content distribution campaign with a few clicks. ZEX PR WIRE works as a SAAS platform where users can sign up, choose the PR package (as per their budget and requirement), and then finally submit their press release on the platform itself.

ZEX PR WIRE provides free editorial review and support so as to get guaranteed press releases on the desired media outlets. After successful submission, the ZEX PR WIRE platform provides a dedicated PR campaign report within the user’s dashboard (which is downloadable) so as to check the press release coverage of their (user) submission.

ZEX PR WIRE provides one of the best solutions in the PR industry and has been recognized by many top organizations as the “Best PR SAAS Platform in Blockchain Space”, “Best PR Wire” etc.

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For Partnerships and Events/Conferences: Ms. Prerna

For Business Related Queries: Mr. Saurabh Singla.

For Campaigning: Mr. Apoorv Gupta.

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