Zero Carbon Project is the solution to Climate Change using Blockchain Technology.

Ever since the introduction of bitcoin and blockchain, it has grown in ways that might have hardly been imagined by Satoshi. Tech enthusiasts and finance experts have not held back in putting this technology to use.

The most popular uses of blockchain so far have been its application to create decentralize applications and for finance but it has been seen that blockchain can be used for more than just finance; through its use in elections, healthcare, record keeping, real estate and so on. Zero Carbon Project has taken the application of blockchain to another level by using it to solve one of the planet’s most daunting problems, climate change.

How Zero Carbon is solving Climate Change

Climate change is one of our planet’s problems, which started gradually and could cause disastrous occurrence if nothing is done about it. The dilemma is that climate change seems to be brought about by a reaction of the earth to human activities affecting the ecosystem; deforestation, excavation, and pollution brought about by the wrong applications of civilization. The way out of it is to manage the effects of this civilization to create a more sustainable environmental ecosystem i.e. reserving and healing natural forms.

Zero Carbon understands that although people want to use sustainable options, they will tilt towards affordability. Therefore, Zero carbon’s solution is to bring low priced renewable energy and fossil fuels to consumers so that the choice to be sustainable becomes money friendly because it seems that renewable energy is a major catalyst to achieve the change we want.

The way Zero Carbon intends to come about this renewable energy affordability is by;

  • Creating a platform where suppliers of zero carbon energy can put their offers to the public.
  • Transparency made possible by blockchain technology creates a competition among these suppliers through a transparent comparison online, done by consumers when they search the renewable energy options that suit their energy needs.
  • The consumers then pick their preferred supplier, pull up smart contracts which are completed online.
  • The blockchain technology in use allows a direct interaction between customers and suppliers and a trustworthy one network.
  • All these transactions are made possible through the platform and Energis tokens are used to provide incentives for consumers, thereby encouraging them to take actions against climate change.

Energis Tokens sale in the market

A road map indicating the timeline for launch and operation of the zero carbon project is available on the website. Among this plan is a distribution for Energis tokens, its sales schedule that includes an ICO and public token sale.

The price of Energis tokens is indicated as $0.20 per token but it is noted that despite this valuation in US dollars, tokens can only be bought with Ether as the only currency accepted.  

For further information on the token sale and use of funds, you may refer to the website or the whitepaper made available the following link.

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