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Zenith Chain Launches FuzionX Beta Edition

Zenith Chain – the leading web3 tech company has launched FuzionX – a comprehensive cryptocurrency and NFT trading platform. This beta product release comes after a rigorous product research and product adaptation by an expert blockchain tech team, to ensure that the growing population of web3 enthusiasts get premium user experience.

FuzionX will feature four different sections. They include: a Centralized Exchange, Decentralized Wallet, Decentralized dApps Browser and NFT Marketplace. 

FuzionX by Zenith Chain is a web3 infused exchange and will provide an all in one ecosystem for users.

This product is the first of it’s kind, opening up more possibilities with an unusual merger of Defi and Cefi for simplified trading.

To usher in FuzionX, there will be a launch campaign. Individuals who participate in it will get the opportunity to win a Trip to Dubai, iPhone 13, FuzionX Merch and a Brand New Tesla

Upon launch on the 15th of July, however, only the CeFi and DeFi platforms will be available to users. The web3 wallet and the NFT marketplace will be added with subsequent rolling updates. It will also launch with the incorporate of four blockchains for the purpose of processing transactions. They include Zenith, Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Smart Chain.

The Centralized Exchange

The centralized exchange will be a massive upgrade to the current Zenith CEX. Unlike the present version, this update will offer more than 600 tokens. They will range from established coins like $BTC, $ETH,$MATIC, $ATOM, $LINK, to hidden gems like $ZENITH and other budding projects. The development team of Zenith Chain is reassuring users that it will only list legitimate projects.

Furthermore, there will be other features like over-the-counter trading. Such that even a crypto newbie who doesn’t want to go through the stress of reading charts can trade. It will also feature a Grid Trading Bot with an 80% profitable trading rate that users can employ. There will also be an “Earn” section that will enable investors to contribute to locked staking pools or other flexible saving options.

To ensure a very easy-to-use P2P trading, Zenith Chain is working with Paxful financial services. Following thejr collaboration, users of FuzionX will be able to trade 78 different fiat currencies across 150 countries. Even better, they will be able to complete all transactions without leaving the exchange and switch to the Paxful payment platform.

Regarding cryptocurrency trading, the new product will feature Margin, Futures and Derivative trading of up to 125x. Zenith Chain is also incorporating a lending option to support users during the bear market. Instead of selling off their tokens at a loss, they can use them as collateral to obtain stablecoins like $USDT, $BUSD and $USDC.

The Decentralized Platform and Web3 Wallet

The Decentralized Platform will feature numerous pools where users with significant tokens and contribute to and benefit from. These pools will include hundreds of trading pairs, particularly the top tokens on Coin Market Cap. Even better, transactions will occur as fast as the speed of light and your tokens will be very safe.

Although all these features are speedily getting integrated, Zenith Chain also gave insight into what to expect from the web3 wallet. According to the reveal, it will have a dApp browser that individuals can use to surf the websites of their favourite blockchain projects. This will make it easier to participate in ICO. It will also make the process safer, as the explorer does not mine data.

When the wallet is launched, users will be able to connect it to the DeFi platform. So that they can directly receive their digital assets immediately after performing a transaction. The storage platform is also very scalable, as it compatible with the Zenith, Ethereum, Polygon and BSC networks.

NFT Marketplace

The Zenith Development Team leaked some information regarding the NFT marketplace. According to the reports, the platform will not just be for trading non-fungible tokens. Users will be able to directly mint assets to their wallet, which will be connected to the digital assets trading platform.

About Zenith Chain

Zenith Chainis an innovative environment built to usher in web3 integrations at a greater scale.  The Zenith blockchain network is one of the infrastructure where developers can launch applications with ease of deployment, delivery and maintenance. The Zenith Chain’s technology also natively enables low-gas transactions along with a digital identity and a robust testnet to enable a variety of use cases.

To get fast updates about FuzionX launch plans, join Zenith Chain communities to learn more.

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