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Zen Trading Strategies: A Tool to Help You Trade Better

Zen Trading Strategies: A Tool to Help You Trade Better

Trading on your favorite trading platform can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely time-consuming, confusing, and even unprofitable if you’re making poor investment decisions consistently.

However, there is a newer trading tool to help you with this: Zen Trading Strategies!

Designed for those who want to start auto-trading using trading indicators and customizable trading strategies, this service gives you access to hundreds of indicators and other helpful resources to help you succeed with algorithmic trading.

So, what exactly does this service provide? Can it really help you rake in large profits, or is it just another unnecessary service that’s not worth a second glance? Well, we’ll be answering these questions—and more—in this in-depth look at Zen Trading Strategies.

What Is Zen Trading Strategies?

Zen Trading Strategies is an algorithmic trading company. The company itself offers a simple subscription-based service for a variety of systematic trading solutions, as well as a few free resources and a paid algorithmic trading education course.

These resources enable underperforming traders to become successful traders, giving them tools and knowledge to master—and more importantly, understand—the ins & outs of the financial markets.

Who Is the Service For?

Zen Trading Strategies’ services are appealing to many different types of traders. As long as you’re willing to automate your strategies in exchange for a higher return on investments, their services will work well for you.

High-frequency traders (such as day traders or swing traders) as well as long-term investors can benefit from using Zen Trading Strategies. Thanks to the relative simplicity of the software it’s designed to work with (which is TradingView), traders of all skill levels—from complete beginners to advanced traders—can turn a profit.

While having analytical skills is helpful, you won’t need to be a master if you decide to go with one of Zen Trading Strategies’ trading strategies. By pairing a strategy subscription with an indicator subscription, you can automate the entire trading process. Even better? They offer multiple strategies, so most trading styles will work from the get-go.

How Does It Work?

To use Zen Trading Strategies you must have an account on TradingView. Some of TradingView’s services are paid for, but Zen Trading Strategies are all designed to work with the free plan of TradingView.

Whereas most ordinary trading scripts can only be used on a desktop device, these strategies can also be utilized on a mobile device, increasing the value of your monthly subscription.

Essentially, each strategy provides you with the specifications you’ll need to run for that strategy. Indicators provide you with the specific technical indicators you’ll need to set up alerts for using the alert service on Tradingview.

With both of these subscriptions in place, you’ll be able to automate trading commands in correlation with different momentum periods to maximize your ROI (returns on investment).

In addition to automating your entire strategy (if desired), the Zen Trading Strategies service also saves you time spent manually comparing hundreds of indicator charts, instead directing you to the required information upfront.

Is It Affordable?

Zen Trading Strategies offers a small variety of services, with most of them costing the same. In addition to a free educational email course, the company offers an algorithmic trading course for $997.

Every strategy and indicator costs $67 per month apiece. If you desire to completely automate a strategy, you will need to pay for both subscriptions, which comes out to $134 per month.

A Virtual Private Server Alerts subscription will cost an additional $29 per month, and you can even gain access to instant signals via their Telegram channel for $5 per month.

Unfortunately, none of the subscriptions offer refunds. However, they are billed on a month-to-month basis, which allows you to cancel at any time. There are also free trials available on select subscriptions.

Are There Educational Resources Available?

Zen Trading Strategies offers the Masters Course in Automated Algorithmic Trading, which is a premium trading course. Unlike most of their other offerings, this course only requires a one-time payment.

The company also offers a 12-part Algorithmic Trading Mini Course, which contains free educational materials sent directly to your email for free.

Should You Use Zen Trading Strategies?

The service itself is extremely useful. Offering both educational resources as well as the ability to completely automate your trading process, Zen Trading Strategies is definitely a potent subscription service.

That said, it won’t be for everyone. You don’t need to completely automate your strategies, so if this type of trading doesn’t interest you, you’ll still be able to enjoy the service. However, the major roadblock for most will be the recurring costs.

Costing $134 per month for the ability to automate just one strategy, this amount alone makes the service impractical for those dealing with a small amount of capital.

Still, if you’re dealing with a large amount of capital but want a way to lessen your daily workload, then the in-depth educational resources and multiple strategies from Zen Trading Strategies could be just what you need.

Click here to find out more about their services.

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