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Communication tools have become an important aspect of our social and business partnerships in recent years. Many businesses and social lives are affected when physical meets are not possible. Enter the world of live video calls, be it on smaller apps like WhatsApp or Zoom meetings. These apps offer seamless communication between users globally.

Incidentally, there is developing software in the market offering scalability for all manner of communication. This software helps in building apps from scratch, offering the end-users live video call options that are unprecedented.  If you need to make a group live video call online, SDK and APIs are the way to go.

What Is Video Chat API/SDK?

When developing video chat apps certain software enhances the way end-users manipulate applications. This software offers options to create from the ground up, while others enhance communication. Having downloaded and used a day-to-day free video call app, there are ways to enhance the user experience. Here’s where SDKs and APIs come in.


SDK stands for software development kits which are used to create apps from the bottom up. It means developers can create video chats based on platform-oriented software. These kits allow you to use all the functions and features offered on said platforms. Fundamentally, SDKs offer documentation such as user guides, while incorporating debugging features, translators for source codes, and their libraries.


This interface eases the process of communication between two platforms. Essentially, an API provides a basic or standard form of communication between third parties and the software of their choice. It facilitates the integration of particular software features into their apps. This interface also controls which information can be relayed between the end users and the software. There are various forms of API structures offering an array of features and scalability. Common uses for Application Programming Interfaces include maps and weather applications and payment apps.

Must-have Voice/Video Calling Features for Businesses

Seeking to make a live video call free of charge? The options are many but do they offer sound features for businesses? While freely downloadable apps on the App store and Play Store offer several video chat options, businesses need more. Here are a few tried and proven features that are must-haves for businesses.

Video Conferencing

If your app doesn’t have a video conferencing feature, then you have no app. This feature should allow you to link up to 200 (or more) participants. These users could be located anywhere in the world and incidentally, the links will be of high quality.

Live Broadcasts

Nothing is more infuriating than a live broadcast with poor connectivity. The best applications let you enjoy streaming with no buffering issues, and with lowered latency whether you experience network issues or not. These broadcasts will include unlimited users too, all enjoying whichever live events are being hosted.

Video Recording

For future purposes, referencing and even contractual issues, video recording is important. Nothing is better than having archives showing proof of signed agreements or for reference purposes. They also help when minutes of certain meetings go missing, or there is contention.

Encrypted Communication

Most of us are used to this security feature on the WhatsApp messenger app. Encryption ensures that live video calls remain private and nothing is compromised. Without any chance of third parties intercepting these video chats, businesses can conduct intricate and confidential meetings with peace of mind.

Why You Need ZEGOCLOUD in Enhancing Video Call App

It is easy to stick to free and open-source software for chatting, but there are compromises. With ZEGOCLOUD, a video call app is enhanced not only for quality, but security too. Here are a few features worth noting on ZEGOCLOUD, and why it makes a better choice for enhancing your video call app.


Are you experiencing a rough morning and need to look tip-top for a meeting? Enhance your facial features using the beautification feature on ZEGOCLOUD. One can retouch and enhance certain aspects of their face for better impressions. This beautification can also help in areas with dim lighting. It can compensate for the darkness.

Top-Notch Scalability

This scalability offers connections to multiple users across the globe. All members or participants will be able to engage on the platform, in real-time and with less buffering. Also, this is possible on several platforms giving end-users a modern experience, with enhanced video quality too.

Screen Sharing

Pick a spot on the screen, perhaps a small picture or a full screen or reading. This can be shared among all participants in the meeting. It is important as it would be during PowerPoint presentations. No one needs to print countless documents to be handed out during meetings or forwarded later. All members will be on the same page so to speak.

Direct or Group Calling

Users can link up on a one-on-one basis online or connect to several members for seamless interaction. This is possible with millions of members connected to one application. This makes ZEGOCLOUD the go-to option for serious app developers.

Live Streaming

Using Real Time Messaging Protocol, or RTMP, users can share live visuals. These shares can be live videos based on ongoing businesses that one needs to share with a worldwide audience. It eases the process of having to share with individuals simply to relay information or present progress. The uses of such a live-streaming feature are countless.

ZEGOCLOUD Voice/Video Calling APIs in a Variety of Industries

The Application programming interface has been applied in several industries to the pleasure of many. These applications revolve around daily activities such as social and educational interactions, as well as telemedicine and fitness, live audio chatrooms, and of course, shopping. Here are examples of where APIs are working and can continue to facilitate better interactions in various industries.


On a social scale, this API offers innumerable advantages. Users can enjoy one-one live video calls, multi-visitor streaming, and of course, live group chatting. Using super-low latency, participants enjoy high-quality streaming worldwide. Essentially, it will feel like interactions are happening live and in person.

Incidentally, participants can relay one stream to multiple users globally, or simulcast to other apps like Twitter. Other features like 3D audio and voice effects can be used to manipulate or process better sounds. Additionally, beautification options along with filters and other stickers facilitate enhanced interactions. Imagine all the shyness one exudes slowly drifting away with these facial enhancement features.


This could be one of the sectors that had been left out for the better part of the last decade. In recent years, it has become all the more important to have better online portals for teaching. With ZEGOCLOUD, teachers can offer hybrid classes, one-on-one tutoring, or larger live teaching sessions. The API facilitates seamless video and audio communication between teacher and student.

Essentially, teachers can create virtual rooms for those one-on-one sessions with students. The video recording feature allows tutors and students to archive material. This might include schedules, homework, and course materials. Additionally, the recording feature allows video and audio to be recorded too.


Before diving into the advantages, let’s check out a few facts related to Telehealth. It increases patient satisfaction and helped approximately 70% of patients with health issues during the pandemic. Incidentally, this feature or application also reduced the cost of medical care – which comes as no surprise.

Telehealth facilitates web-based consultation, interactions between specialists, and streaming of healthcare events. These could be ongoing blood donations or free consultations in your neighborhood. Features that come in handy include screen sharing, of x Rays for example, and video recording. Imagine being able to replay the doctor’s advice on dosages and upcoming appointments.


For starters, retailers enjoy some neat advantages. For instance, you get to draw in more customers, retain the ones you have, and facilitate live streams of your events. Retailers offer discounts during live streaming while being able to answer questions in real-time. Retailers and virtual marketplaces are the in-thing nowadays.

These are made possible with ZEGOCLOUD while allowing businesses to guide consumers with purchases. Influencers can co-host, bringing in or attracting new consumers to their business. This also helps with business promotion and influences consumer practices. Live rooms offer a chance for retailers to interact while consumers get to view competitors and prices. It is a one-stop online shopping experience.


Another important aspect of our lives that cannot be left out is fitness. This is catered to with low latency and high-quality interactions. The advantages are commendable. Users can enjoy fitness consultations, live training sessions, and a personal trainer all while engaging online. Additionally, groups can facilitate group sessions for training online.

With ZEGOCLOUD you can host a live video call online with multiple participants. This can help facilitate exercises like Yoga, or Pilates during a live chat. Also, one-on-one training is possible with low-latency capabilities. Lastly, and perhaps the greatest advantage is health consultation. Screen sharing helps in this case whereby experts share dietary suggestions while offering consultation.

Live Audio Rooms

Before diving into the nitty-gritty or the advantages, remember that ZEGOCLOUD offers encryption. It means as you conceptualize what type of communication features you need, encryption comes as standard. With this API, you have optimal communication even under weak networks.  Users also enjoy modern features like reverb, voice amendments, and voice-enhancing effects.

Additionally, you can enjoy an unlimited listener size with scalability options. Enjoy inviting new speakers while allowing up to 50 different speakers at any given time. With 48 Hz voice capabilities in addition to noise and echo cancellations, you can enjoy new-age audio communication from anywhere.



This SDK and API-featured cloud software are a must-have for business and social engagements. If interacting on a global scale with unmatched features is something you see, then ZEGOCLOUD offers better options.

Sign up ZEGOCLOUD at, and get 10,000 minutes free every month.



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