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Zeeshan & Najaf Reflect on Their Business, SEO for Cleaning Services

SEO for Cleaning Services is a dedicated digital marketing firm co-founded by Zeeshan Siddiqui and Najaf Ali. It specializes in SEO solutions for cleaning businesses. This firm’s success lies in providing SEO solutions from scratch. An SEO service offering a unique approach further boosts clients’ online presence. This simple solution also ensures that clients stand out in a competitive market. We interviewed Zeeshan and Najaf to learn more about their business.

These co-founders have also discussed how they gain insights into the digital marketing landscape.

Hi Zeeshan and Najaf, what inspired you to start SEO for Cleaning Services?

Zeeshan: We started our journey after noticing a significant gap in SEO-specialized services for the cleaning industry. We both have extensive SEO backgrounds, so we understand how to pinpoint the situation where SEO is most needed. Najaf and I share the same vision and saw an opportunity to create a niche service. In this particular niche, our mission is to help cleaning businesses grow their online visibility. We wanted to bring our expertise directly to an industry that generalist SEO firms often overlook.

Who were you before starting the company, and how did it help you in this venture?

Najaf: Before the foundation of SEO for Cleaning Services, Zeeshan and I worked at various digital marketing agencies. As we both worked together, we sharpened our SEO and digital strategy skills. I also ran a small cleaning business, which gave me firsthand experience tackling challenges these industries face due to a lack of online marketing. From a business and technical standpoint, this dual perspective has been invaluable in developing effective SEO strategies tailored to cleaning services.

What specific areas of digital marketing do you specialize in for your clients?

Zeeshan: Our primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We help cleaning services rank higher on search engines like Google by optimizing strategies. Our SEO solutions optimize website content, improve site structure, and build high-quality backlinks. One of the main reasons for improving online visibility is to promote business strategically. We also offer local SEO services, crucial for cleaning companies that rely on clients within specific geographic areas. To ensure a well-rounded digital presence, we provide supplementary services such as content creation, social media management, and PPC advertising. With our extensive expertise in digital marketing services, Najaf and I decided to help agencies facing difficulties promote their cleaning business.

What makes your agency unique?

Najaf: One key aspect that sets us apart is our deep understanding of the cleaning industry. We don’t just apply generic SEO tactics; we customize our strategies to meet the unique needs of cleaning businesses. As you know, we both came from a background where consistency was key. That’s why we ensure clients stay consistent with us throughout our SEO services. Zeeshan and I handle all client interactions and strategy implementations, ensuring high attention and care. Our hands-on approach and industry-specific knowledge allow us to deliver results that more generalized agencies might miss.

What are the most critical factors in getting a cleaning service website high in Google search results?

Zeeshan: Local SEO is crucial for cleaning services. Ensuring your business appears in local search results means optimizing your Google My Business profile, gathering positive customer reviews, and maintaining consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information across all online platforms.

Additionally, having a well-optimized website with relevant keywords, quality content, and a mobile-friendly design is essential.

As more people use mobile phones, we primarily focus on building websites.

Backlinks from reputable local sites can also significantly boost your rankings.

What future trends do you predict will influence the digital marketing industry, particularly for cleaning services, and how are you preparing for them?

Najaf: One major trend is the increasing importance of voice search and mobile optimization. As more people use voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to find local services, cleaning businesses must optimize their content for these queries. The businesses must have longtail keywords that people use, such as Alexa, find a cleaning agency near me, or Hey Siri. Do you know any cleaning industry near my location? The optimization of keywords plays a vital role in the development of businesses, both physically and online.

We also focus on building strong brand recognition for our clients as Google continues favoring well-established, trustworthy brands.

Additionally, video marketing and social media engagement have already become essential tools in our strategy, and their importance will grow. Video content, in particular, helps businesses connect with potential clients more personally, while effective social media engagement builds community and trust.

We continue to leverage these tools, ensuring our clients are well-prepared for the future digital landscape.

Thank you, Zeeshan and Najaf, for sharing your insights!

You can follow up with Zeeshan Siddiqui and Najaf Ali at


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