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Zale Solar’s Proprietary Technology Takes The Cake For Solar Marketing Agencies

Meet Zale Solar, Founded by Chicago Illinois born Nathan Zale, an American entrepreneur and marketing virtuoso. Zale Solar seeks to reduce America’s global emissions by assisting solar experts nationwide in the task of generating interest, knowledge and eagerness for American home and business owners to turn to solar. This agency for the solar industry is seeing high demand as their proprietary technology takes the cake for solar marketing agencies. The benefit? Of course, greener earth, more profitable solar companies, allowing for further funds to fuel the growth of solar, and a personal profit for the hit marketing agency to continue assisting the solar industry in helping emission reduction. And to continue to invest in their team of 60 supportive employees who ensure the agency’s solar clients see results. 

Zale Solar created the Solar Authority™service to tackle one of the solar companies’ most significant issues: lead generation. Through the Solar Authority™service, Zale Solar offers lead generation at the highest level with Chanel-like quality and Ritz Carlton support. After all, they’re premier marketing partners of Google. Facebook marketing partners and Linkedin pro finders. Zale Solar handles advertising across major social platforms using their In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™ responsible for their viral advertisements and energetic customer reviews, reaping the rewards of their newfound sales, adding 3-5 deals to each client’s pipeline per month. 

The In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™ finds and latches onto motivated prospects that are actively looking for your services around the clock, so there’s never a shortage of leads. After all, cash flow is king. 

Solar professionals have all their needs covered in a done for you style, freeing up their time and energy for different life demands with Zale Solar made a reality by their 60 strong team of established experts. 

Once Zale’s In-Market Prospect Latching Technology™ has rounded up leads, the agency begins to position you as the go-to “Solar Authority” until the leads enquire for more information. They say they use a proprietary 360 omnipresent approach. Leads need watering to flourish into clients, and that’s what this does. To continue making their offer a no-brainer Zale Solar added a pre-eminent customer relationship manager that allows eagle eye-tracking and follow-up until the leads close. Now leads have enquired Zale begin appointment setting on your behalf whilst you work, hit the gym, wash dishes, sit tight and wait for Zale Solar to put ready to close appointments on your calendar. Zale’s system qualifies the enquired prospect (based on credit, budget & timeframe, you can also add your own standards) and sets an appointment for the solar professional when they are ready to begin the sales process.

It appears Zale Solar is redefining the entire lead generation process in the solar industry. Their proven work system saves solar companies, teams and reps from the stress of cold calling.

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