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Zack Milkman | Brand strategists can help you avoid big mistakes

What’s the most valuable investment your company can make? Did you immediately think “brand strategist?” If this wasn’t the first thought that came to mind, you’re not alone; many entrepreneurs minimize the importance of brand strategy. 

But because your brand is actually one of the most valuable assets you have, investing in your brand’s development is vital. That’s where a brand strategist comes in. 

Brand strategists can help you avoid big mistakes 

If you’re the founder and CEO of a startup, you’re probably accustomed to wearing lots of hats. Most aspects of your company’s inception and development are down to you, so you may feel like it’s your job to develop your brand as well. 

Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t always work out as well as you might expect. The best branding experts also know what not to do and that wisdom is often absent from misguided company slogans, logo designs, and ad campaigns that lack expert guidance. 

Just ask Pepsi! The popular soda brand took a major hit when their 2017 ad featuring Kendal Jenner attempted to incorporate some elements of political activism. Pepsi recognised that today’s consumers want to see brands engaging with issues that matter and working for positive change. 

But they failed to see that consumers are also smart enough to identify virtue- signaling and culture vulture-ism and call it out. So, when Pepsi’s ad featured a nebulous protest with vague signs reading, “Love” and “Join the conversation,” viewers were quick to recognise an empty attempt at engaging with current events. 

It really didn’t help that Jenner handed a Pepsi to a police officer who was clearly attempting to stop the protest. Although this gesture sparked cheers from the crowd in the ad, it didn’t garner any praise from viewers, who slammed the gesture as insincere, unrealistic, and offensive. 

This is exactly what you don’t want to do. All too often, entrepreneurs attempt to DIY their brand strategy, thinking they’ve made a revolutionary statement… only to find that they’ve actually rendered their brand confusing, ineffective, or offensive. 

Experienced brand strategists can help you avoid making those mistakes. 

How Zachary Milkman can help 

Brand strategists are vital for the success of any business. And nobody knows that better than Zachary Milkman. Zack is passionate about the power of intelligent marketing and that’s why he founded Brainstorm Technology— a hub for creativity, problem-solving, and execution. Along with a team of developers, designers, and business consultants, Zack Milkman takes good ideas and uses them to build great companies.

Zack Milkman’s passion for branding stems from his own experience as a startup founder. In 2015, Zack launched Washe— a unique and creative platform which allowed customers to order a custom car wash straight from the Washe app! Washe originated in Boca Raton but quickly expanded thanks to Zack’s passion for clever branding. With a customer base that included big clients like Office Depot, Citrix Systems, and CurbStand, Washe ultimately became so successful that Zack sold it in 2018 and turned his attention to specializing in brand strategy and consulting for startups. 

Today, that experience is what gives Zachary Milkman’s branding its competitive edge. As a founder and entrepreneur himself, Zack knows what it’s like to want the best for your business— especially when it comes to branding. As someone who had a passion and vision for his own startup’s branding, Zack believes in working closely with founders and entrepreneurs to help them create a brand strategy that reflects their vision. 

That’s why Zack Milkman’s work stands out from the crowd— because he recognises that your brand is your way of carving out a niche for yourself in the world. It’s your way of piercing through the noise, busting out of your safety zone, and boldly establishing your place as a trendsetter. Because Zack views your brand as an investment, he will work with you to ensure that your brand adds value and helps you stand out from the crowd. 

With a proud track record that includes satisfied clients like Conair, Cuisinart, and Scunci, Zack Milkman’s work can inject your brand with vitality and meaning. So, whether you’re looking to re-brand or define what your start-up stands for, working with Zachary Milkman will revitalize your branding solutions. 

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