Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich: The Story of His Life


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Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich started out as an oceanographer. However, he eventually became a specialist in developing the stevedoring industry, promoting its interests in parliament (which ultimately increased budget contributions). As a State Duma Deputy, Vitaliy Yuzhilin worked for the interests of the industry from 1999 to 2016.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy: Formation of His Character

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin was born in the Southern Urals (city of Chelyabinsk) on December 10, 1965. His grandfather, an air force captain, participated in the Second World war (among those who bombed Berlin) and was awarded the Gold Star of the Hero of the Union.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich received his secondary education in Crimea, graduating from a Sevastopol school. His youth was devoted not only to school textbooks but also to sports: His typical day included two to three hours of training in the pool and an hour of working out in the gym. His relentless search to improve his swimming abilities earned Vitaliy Yuzhilin the qualification of a Candidate Master of Sports.

He received his degree of higher education in Leningrad at the famous Makarovka (now Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping) — the main forge of maritime personnel in the country. He studied the oceanography of polar regions within the Arctic Department. In the midst of perestroika — in 1988 — he graduated from the school, becoming an oceanologist.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin: The Start of His Career Track

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, in his graduation year, immersed himself in purely scientific work, studying the biodiversity, ecology, and hydrography of the Black Sea at the Sevastopol Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas. In 1989, he participated in bathyscaphe deep-diving surveys of hydrogen sulfide layers of the Black Sea basin.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, working that same year as an engineer in a subdivision of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine — the Marine Hydrophysical Institute — managed to get permission from his employer to establish an enterprise dealing with the economic issues of supporting the institute’s scientific activities. Thus, Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin acquired his first administrative, economic, and financial experience. He recalls that he was prompted by the economic transformation happening in the country: Higher authorities were instructing their supply units to use elements of the free market.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin: Activity in the 1990s

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin, following the collapse of the previous government and economic system, had to move to the center of the oil and gas industry in Western Siberia — Nizhnevartovsk, one of the largest cities in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region. In this new location, he was able to scale his talent as an organizer, dealing with the sale of hydrocarbon raw materials.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin then helped the Nizhnevartovsk District maintain financial stability during those difficult times. According to a presidential decree by Boris Yeltsin at that time, a special system was in place for replenishing the treasuries of municipalities: Companies of the fuel and energy complex shared a 10% share of extracted raw materials with them. But the Nizhnevartovsk District needed to convert this raw material into money.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich was entrusted with the position of head of the foreign trade department in the newly established Nizhnevartovsk Trading House. His responsibilities included selling black gold to oil refiners and reselling the resulting products abroad. He had to delve into logistics, petrochemical processes, especially port transshipment, and the laws of this market.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin began negotiating with industry players and building his expertise in this area. One of his main tasks was the sale and provision of port transshipment of M-100 fuel oil (which solidifies at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius). This fuel is needed for river and sea shipping, as well as for providing city residents and industries with heat and electricity.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin discovered that the country lacked the port infrastructure to store fuel oil in domestic seaports and transfer it to tankers. He later began to promote the creation of such facilities. In the year of the default — in 1998 — he entered the stevedoring industry, directly dealing with logistics, loading, and unloading at port facilities. Then he became a member of the board of directors of the seaport of the Northern Capital (for a short time).

The experience gained during the formation of a market economy in the country in the 1990s and the trust of industry partners allowed Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin, together with like-minded people, to establish the NCC — the National Container Company. Over time, this structure became the largest operator of container transportation in the country, with terminals not only in St. Petersburg but also in neighboring coastal countries.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin: Deputy of the State Duma

Vitaliy Yuzhilin: Deputy of the State Duma

Vitaliy Yuzhilin: Deputy of the State Duma

The problems of cargo logistics in seaports were known inside and out by Vitaliy Yuzhilin. Deputy helped to form the modern legal framework of the industry, making the rules of the game transparent and understandable to all participants: importers, exporters, and the state. Thanks to the lawmaker’s expert assistance, rules for land and pier rental in seaports and harbor rates were regulated.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, In the lower house of the Federal Assembly, was responsible for issues of taxation, budgeting, agriculture, communications, and transport. The legislator represented the Leningrad Region.

Deputy Vitaliy Yuzhilin recalls that building a political career was not in his plans. Rather, through lawmaking, he intended to clearly regulate the operation of maritime port terminals in the country. And he succeeded. Thanks to his expertise, he managed to coordinate industry players, like-minded individuals, and fellow deputies in adopting a federal law regulating the activities of seaports in the country.

According to the port builder, harmonizing the rules of the game in the cargo logistics industry in the country’s seaports attracted investor interest. Deputy Vitaliy Yuzhilin acted as an arbitrator and mediator of business and state interests in developing domestic port facilities.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich, as a parliamentarian, addressed the fact that the creation of an artificial embankment coastline for use as a hydraulic structure was not regulated in the legal field. He also promoted the introduction of norms into legislation that allowed private entrepreneurs to lease piers from the state for almost half a century at established rates.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin also helped shape changes in federal legislation that allowed the opening of special economic zones in domestic ports.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin: Social Projects

Yuzhilin Vitaliy

Yuzhilin Vitaliy

Vitaliy Yuzhilin, as a chosen representative of the people, managed to implement a number of socially significant projects. For the populous Gatchina District, state-of-the-art sewage treatment facilities were built. The population of the Volosovo District — about 50,000 people — also received reliable modern sewage systems with the parliamentary assistance of Vitaliy Yuzhilin.

Residents of the Sosnovoborsky urban district of the Leningrad Region — several tens of thousands of citizens — enjoy, thanks to the efforts of Yuzhilin, a sports center on the banks of the Glukhovka River, complete with a multi-purpose sports hall where you can also play hockey, a gym, and a sauna.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy facilitated the construction of a new road to the center.

A hospital was built nearby in the city of Luga with his support.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin and His Role in the Marine Façade Project

Vitaliy Yuzhilin

Vitaliy Yuzhilin

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich initiated the construction of the largest passenger terminal in the European part of the continent on Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. Previously, during the warm season, sea passenger ships approaching the Northern Capital seriously slowed down the logistical work of Petersburg port workers. This reflected in the reduction of cargo flow figures.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy proposed building a separate port to divide cargo and passenger flows. The project was implemented in partnership between public and private structures. The federal funding went towards works on deepening the bottom, constructing an approach navigation channel, and reconstructing the mouth of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland — the Petrovsky Fairway.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin assisted in opening border control points in the Marine Façade and installing maritime navigation equipment, including pilot services.

The business sector invested in constructing piers and building a terminal, as well as in communications and engineering networks.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy notes that the appearance of the Marine Façade attracted additional tourists with money to the city. Guests of the Northern Capital, arriving through the Marine Façade, can stay in the country without a visa for three days. The passenger terminal opened in 2008 with the arrival of the Italian Spirit-class cruise liner Costa Mediterranea with more than 2,000 passengers.

The Façade’s reputation as a convenient passenger port was growing, which led to the arrival of the luxury British liner Royal Princess with more than 4,000 people (passengers and crew) in 2014. At that time, it was one of the largest cruise liners in the world.

Transportation through the new harbor steadily grew. From 2008 to 2020, more than 2,500 tourist ships arrived at the port with more than 5.5 million passengers.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin, with his idea of expanding Vasilievsky Island, contributed to filling the budget of St. Petersburg, with development activity initially envisaged on the territory of the Marine Façade. In total, it was planned to build 4 million square meters of residential apartments and approximately 1.5 million square meters of office space and trade, recreation, and social facilities.

The issue of developers providing social infrastructure in newly developed territories near the historical part of the city was placed under special control: 18 kindergartens, nine high school, two polyclinics, and two sports centers are envisioned. A metro station will also be built there.

It is expected that more than 70,000 people will live in the residential buildings of the Marine Façade, and commercial real estate will accumulate more than 90,000 jobs.

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin: Association of Commercial Seaports

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich chaired the board of directors of the Association of Commercial Seaports for two decades starting in 2002. In this position, he coordinated the interests of maritime logisticians and the state, enabling companies to increase the operational performance of their business, thus enhancing the country’s transport potential.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, while leading this public organization, united the potentials of leading universities, research and scientific centers, and companies in the industry. All actors in this field ensured a synergy of the intellectual potential of their staff (engineers, logisticians, specialists in maritime law) in shaping the spirit and letter of the federal law on seaports.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, as one of the leaders of the Association, invested significant efforts in increasing the competitiveness of domestic harbors compared to foreign ports. Previously, a significant share of the transport flow of the European part of the country depended on the port clusters of neighboring Baltic states.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich: Ust-Luga Port

Yuzhilin Vitaliy, with his expertise in port infrastructure, contributed to the development of the Ust-Luga Port in the Leningrad Region, which today is the largest maritime hub of the Baltic Sea and the second port of the country.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy Aleksandrovich, advising this project on the formation of a maritime cargo cluster almost from scratch, was among those who facilitated the creation of thousands of new jobs there and the growth of financial inflows not only into the national treasury but also into the budget of the Leningrad Region.

Ust-Luga Port rightfully received the status of the country’s transport gateway to the west: Cargo flows of timber, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and containers with industrial products and consumer goods pass through the complex’s terminals.

Yuzhilin Vitaliy: Awards

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin has been honored with various awards. In 2011, he was presented with the For Distinction in Maritime Activity medal by the Maritime Collegium under the federal government. Yuzhilin was also recognized with the honorary For Merits in the Development of Science and the Economy badge by the Presidium of the Academy of Natural Sciences. In 2019, Vitaliy Yuzhilin received a 1st-degree distinction from the Union of Transport Workers for his contributions to the development of transport.

Vitaliy Yuzhilin: Hobbies

Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Yuzhilin is interested in physical fitness and takes regular long walks. In his leisure time, he enjoys fishing.

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