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Yuvaap Collaborates With Elara Group Chairman Raj Bhatt’s CSR Initiative UK Careers

November 13: Yuvaap, a platform for health and wellness, and UK Careers launched a combined initiative called Sunday Careers. It is a ten-webinar series designed to make students aware of various career opportunities and mentally prepare them to excel in any field in which they will set foot. A wide range of topics will be discussed here, including career perspectives, exam pressure, study management, and mental wellness. It serves as a melting pot of all the topics and issues that -adolescents need for their success, growth, and well-being during their adolescent years.-

According to Mr. Raj Bhatt, who is the chairman of Elara Group and the proprietor of UK Career, “I feel students should be given knowledge about different careers so that they are in a deciding position by the time they pass the 12th standard. Otherwise, they just end up doing a BA or MA without having any idea of what they want to do after that. I feel a lot of effort should go into skill development from an early age”.

This series is moderated by Yuvaap, which is a prominent health and wellness platform. Whether it is mental health, physical fitness, meditation, spirituality, food, and nutrition, one can find everything on this platform. Their audience is wide, and that’s why they decided to collaborate with UK Careers of Elara groups to use their platform as a medium to educate students about career prospects, physical and mental wellness, food and nutrition, etc.

Priyanka Khurana Goyal, who is a Managing Director at a Wall Street Bank and also Mrs. Earth 2016, has kicked-started the event as the first orator on the subject of investment banking as a career. In her words, “I am really privileged to be a part of this event and such a noble initiative of educating young minds on various career options. Thanks to technology, we can access speakers from across the globe in various fields to come and talk to these students in Uttarakhand to guide them in career selection”.

In the upcoming webinars of Sunday Careers, there will be brief sessions on some new-age careers, careers in IT, food and nutrition for exam time, yoga and meditation for exam anxiety, gym as a career, the effect of physical fitness on exams, and also the issues of teenagers.

According to Ashish Batra, co-founder of Life Alchemy, the parent company of Yuvaap, “Creating a strong niche during adolescence is necessary to build a bright future. Students at an adolescent age are like a blank canvas, and if you have the right mindset, then you can paint a beautiful picture, and the culmination of it is Sunday careers. Rather than following the traditional career path blindly, we must educate students about emerging new-age careers. ”

This initiative only includes the schools of Uttarakhand. To know more about this and to register your school for more such events in the future, you can visit contact us on this website or call +91-8368860016

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