Yuser is About the Thrill of Discovery, Sharing, and Empowerment

Yuser is the next generation social networking app that empowers you to be who you want to be online. It’s a place where you can seek fame and rewards for sharing content and interacting with others online. Or you can just have fun posting photos and chatting with your friends.

Yuser is about captivating social experiences

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you discover a new restaurant or a club you enjoy. Yuser is all about that vibe, the thrill of discovery, the culture that you and your friends want to be a part of. Yuser offers you tools and rewards for discovering and sharing exciting moments.

Over the last year, we’ve talked with users on various social media platforms. Those who contribute the most often struggle to feel rewarded for their content and status. Musicians, comedians, influencers, publishers, etc. have seen their reach decline across multiple platforms. Yet, the major social networks continue to generate record profits year after year.

In a recent article published by Splitsider titled “How Facebook is Killing Comedy”, comedian Matt Klinman shares his frustrations with Facebook and their continuously changing algorithms and it’s negative effects on users, influencers, and publishers. Klinman held nothing back when it came to criticizing Facebook by stating:

The problem is that Facebook is our editor and our boss. They decide what is successful and what isn’t successful via seemingly meaningless metrics. They hide behind algorithms that they change constantly. And it seems to me that they are not favoring things that are high-quality — they are favoring things that are clickbait, things that are optimized for Facebook, low-quality things that appeal to the lowest common denominator and, honestly, just things at random. (Matt Kinman — Splitsider)

It’s no longer a fair game even for those with sizeable followings on Facebook. Facebook has morphed into a “pay-to-play” platform where they earn money from you “boosting” your content. Not only does Facebook alone make revenue from boosted posts, they also earn everything from advertisements on the very same content. Facebook is double-dipping on the creative efforts of publications, creatives and influencers alike.

Yuser does not limit your reach, cut you out of rewards, or force you to accept ever-changing shady policies.

Social Media & Young Entrepreneurs

Youth belonging to the Millennial Generation (born between 1982–1994) and Generation Z (born in 1995 and after) want to start their own businesses and crave independence. According to a recent study done by The Center for Generational Kinetics, 77% of Generation Z-ers between the ages of 14 and 21 are currently earning their own spending money through freelance work, part-time jobs, or an earned allowance.

When comparing this figure to Millennials, who are on average 10 years older, Generation Z-ers are spending and earning the same amount of money (The State of Gen Z 2017). This means that Generation Z-er’s are working and earning money at an earlier age than previous generations, but does this mean that they are more entrepreneurial? Not entirely. A study titled “The Millennial Economy: National Public Opinion Survey” by the Economic Innovation Group, proposed that over 62% of Millennials have considered starting their own business, with 72% feeling that startups and entrepreneurs are a necessary economic force for creating jobs and driving innovation.

While the next generation embraces startup culture (think selling on Etsy and driving for Uber), there are financial barriers that deter today’s youth from starting businesses of their own. The same study reports that 42% of respondents cited insufficient financial means as the biggest obstacle to starting a business, and that millennials make less money and have higher levels of debt than previous generations.

Millennials and Generation Z-ers are considered to be ‘digital natives’ as the first generation to come of age with the internet and smartphones. For these generations, it has become second nature to share much of their lives in the digital space.

At a music festival during the weekend? They’ll share videos and pictures of the moments worth capturing. Digital natives value sharing their unique experiences with their peers. Just bought a new outfit? They’ll snap the perfect picture to inspire their followers.

If much of their social lives are shared online, what’s stopping them from earning a living online, by posting the same kind of content and generating attention? That’s our goal at Yuser — to empower people to share content, build a following, and earn rewards.

We envision a future where everyone will be rewarded for their status and creativity online. Yuser helps to remove financial barriers preventing anyone, including today’s youth, from earning — with a point based system and cryptocurrency. Yuser is built to foster a new generation of online creatives and entrepreneurs.

Blockchain Technology & Smart Sponsorships

In our previous blog post, we described how anyone can earn points to unlock badges, sticker packs and yuser tokens for sharing content, interacting with others, and attracting attention to themselves. Another great way users can earn rewards on the network is through Smart Sponsorships.

On other networks, creatives and influencers are forced to make ‘back-alley’ deals with brands or businesses. These deals are often hard for the former to manage and the latter to administer. Smart Sponsorships are the solution to this problem. They’re a fully transparent and secure smart contract that will let brands and businesses sponsor the content of influencers and creatives of any size. Yuser is the first social networking app built to support these relationships using blockchain technology.

With Smart Sponsorships, any user on the network can earn rewards directly from others looking to engage with their fans. Smart Sponsorships offer advertisers, businesses and brands a meaningful way to participate in the yuser economy.

How it works

In a nutshell, businesses select a creative or popular user of their choice. For example, imagine an indie-comedian named Eric Foster. Eric has close to 100,000 followers on yuser and posts hilarious and engaging content frequently.

Let’s say a new and growing sneaker brand notices that Eric’s target demographic aligns with theirs. The sneaker company then decides to offer Eric an opportunity to promote their sneakers using a Smart Sponsorship on yuser. They select an amount of Yuser Tokens in exchange for 10,000 impressions. Once the offer is accepted, then Eric can post sponsored content with the brand’s name and logo until the Smart Sponsorship expires. The Smart Sponsorship handles the whole transaction in a secure and transparent manner.

Smart Sponsorships change the way creatives, influencers, businesses, and brands relate and work together. The barrier of entry is removed for influencers or creatives of any size — big or small. And anyone can sponsor others on the platform, not just brands or businesses.

Stay in the Loop

Yuser is currently under active development and will be released later this year. Stay tuned to our Medium blog to find out more. We’ll be explaining more about the technology behind yuser, the community needs it services, and the various ways you earn rewards from it. We’ll also be releasing information about the timeline, white paper, and more in the coming weeks.

If you want updates on the project head on over to and submit your email. If you want to get more involved, submit your email and a note about yourself through the contact form at the bottom of the website. You can also reach out to us on Telegram and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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