Yumerium Presents the World’s Best Incentivized, Blockchain Based, Open Gaming Platform

The blockchain technology sparked a revolution of its own boldly evident by the integration of the technology in several industries. The video gaming industry was one of the first beneficiaries of the technology and since its implementation, several blockchain based gaming platforms have sprung up. There is a new gaming platform in the market and it’s called Yumerium.

Understanding Yumerium 

Yumerium is a blockchain based gaming platform where players are offered the opportunity to make money off playing online games. Players can earn tokens by playing, reviewing and sharing the games supported by Yumerium. It is built on the smart contracts protocol of the blockchain network to ensure an open and easily accessible gaming platform.

Yumerium is proprietary rights of Subdream Labs a subsection of Subdream Studios which was founded in January of 2017. The Subdream Labs comprises a founding team of three namely; – the founder and CEO Jikhan Jung, Francisco Martin, co-founder and CTO and co-founder Jaeheon Kim serving as the COO. The founders are backed by a team with extensive experience in software development, gaming and blockchain technology coupled with an advisory board with experts from diverse but related fields.

The Yumerium ICO and Token

The Yumerium Token abbreviated as YUM is the utility token of the gaming platform, gamers will be compensated for participating in games via YUM. The rewardable efforts are determined by the developers of each game supported on the platform ranging from playing the games to sharing on social networks to promoting and reviewing etc. Game developers can also set up bonus systems for promotions and referrals to further incentivize gamers to active participation. In turn, YUM token holders can also use YUM to pay for game money and articles on the platform.

The ICO of YUM will be held in two stages; the presale and the crowdsale with a hard cap of 500 million USD. The tokens will be traded for BTC, ETH and USD at a token price of 1 YUM to 0.1 USD. 50% of the created tokens are available for the token sale, out of the remaining 50%, 20% will go to the team and advisory board while another 20% will be channeled towards network seeding. The remaining 10% will be held in reserve by the network. The presale will begin on the 22nd of April 2018 and will run until the 12th of May 2018. The crowdsale will commence immediately after the conclusion of the presale on the 13th on May and is scheduled to operate for a period of 7 days to end on May 19th 2018. Token bonuses are available for all token purchases at any point of the token sale.

The coins will be transferred to the investors 30 days after the conclusion of the crowdsale. The distribution pattern for the proceeds realised from the token sale is as shown below;

  • 50% – Native Yumerium Game Development
  • 20% – Marketing and Community Development Fund
  • 15% – Yumerium Operation
  • 10% – Developing and Upgrading Token System
  • 5% – Legal

A beginner’s guide to Yumerium

The contribution of gamers to the gaming community cannot be overlooked. Other than just playing the games, some of these gamers go further to share the games on social networks and leave game reviews for the benefit of other gamers. Notwithstanding their significant role in the industry, a lot of gamers actually play games for the fun of it as most games are either ‘pay to play’ or ‘free to play’. Yumerium is out to disrupt the traditional operations of the gaming industry by introducing an ‘earn-to-play’ option in games where players can both pay and earn money in form of YUM tokens for their efforts and contributions on the platform.

Yumerium will serve as a decentralized payment gateway free of high transaction fees, delayed payments, and meddling third parties. Furthermore, every game on the platform will be allocated a ‘Seeding fund’ to serve as incentives for gamers. Upon earning the tokens, the gamers will in turn, use the tokens to purchase game money and articles effectively channeling the money back into the network. A cycle that is inherently beneficial to the game developers and other stakeholders in the gaming industry as a whole.

So far, four Subdream Studios games have been launched on the platform – Kingdom Watcher, Mega Overload, Hell Dimension and Dream Pets. A new game – CryptoMine is currently under development and will be launched sometime in the third quarter of 2018. Yumerium also has plans to launch strategic partner games before the year runs out.


Subdream Studios has successfully raised $2.3 million from marquee investors all over the globe. Yumerium is set to be the revolutionary platform behind the ‘earn-to-play’ model in the gaming industry. It will also remove the existing problems in the gaming industry and boost the market of the game industry. Check out their website for more information and updates on the upcoming ICO.


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