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Yumerium Incentivized, Blockchain Based, Open Gaming Platform.

The implementation of blockchain in the gaming industry saw to the dawn of a new era for gamers, game manufacturers and by extension, the entire gaming industry. Since its implementation, there have been a number of newly created blockchain based gaming platforms, with the latest entry known as Yumerium.

What is Yumerium?

Yumerium was created to serve as an ‘incentivized, open gaming platform’ that allows for the rewarding of gamers with tokens for their activities on the platform especially for their participation in playing, reviewing and sharing Yumerium supported games. The gaming platform is based on the smart contracts of the blockchain technology.

Yumerium was created by Jikhan Jung, Francisco Martin and Jaeheon Kim all currently serving as CEO, CTO and COO respectively of Subdreams Labs under Sundreams Studios, the company under which the Yumerium project is registered and licensed. The rest of the team is made up of eight members along with an advisory team of nine all working hand in hand to establish Yumerium as a major gaming platform in the industry.

ICO of Yumerium Token

Yumerium Token – YUM is an ERC20 standard token of the Ethereum network unique to Yumerium. Players on the platform will be rewarded for their efforts in YUM by the game developers who chose the reward criteria for their individual games. These criteria could include; watching promotional videos of the games online, sharing links to social media platforms, leaving reviews for their game and so on. Essentially, YUM will serve as an incentive to keep active gamers online and encourage others to participate in the gaming community.

Yumerium is holding an ICO for YUM tokens with the aim of creating awareness on a larger scale in readiness for the launching of the platform and raising funds towards further development of the project. The ICO will be held in two phases; the presale ICO and the main token sale. The presale ICO will start on April 22nd 2018 and is set to operate for 3 weeks until the 12th of May. Investors in the first week will receive a 30% token bonus, the second week holds a 20% token bonus while all token purchases in the third and last week of the presale ICO get a 10% token bonus. The crowdsale running from the 13th to the 19th of May 2018 holds a 5% token bonus for all token purchases. Accepted currencies in the token sale include Bitcoin, Ethereum and fiat currency (USD) at a price of $0.1 for every YUM. 50% of the total supply cap are set aside for the ICO. The remaining 50% are distributed thus;

  • 20% – Network Seeding
  • 20% – Founding Team & Advisors
  • 10% – Reserve

The hard cap for the ICO is set at $500 million. Upon a successful token sale, half of the funds realised will be used to develop native Yumerium games. 20% will go to marketing and community development programs. 15% of the funds will oversee Yumerium operations while 10% will be set aside specially to develop and upgrade the token system. The remaining 5% will be used to settle legal fees on the platform. YUM will not be transferred to the token holders until 30 days after the completion of the ICO.

How will Yumerium work?

The top priority of Yumerium is to provide an open gaming platform where gamers will be compensated for their efforts towards the development of the gaming industry. From playing games to sharing promotional content on social networks to leaving game reviews online all at no costs, gamers are essentially the backbone of the gaming community. Yumerium was created to change this system, by rewarding gamers for their participation in the community, it is expected that the gamers will become even more engaged and active, bringing more fun to the gaming experience.

These incentives will be withdrawn from the publisher’s ‘Marketing Fund’ pool. New games on the platform will get a ‘Seeding Fund’ which will attract gamers to the game to play and earn tokens. YUM tokens are utility token which gamers will use on the platform to buy game pieces, advance play etc. Basically, gamers make money to spend it on the platform, a cycle most beneficial to the stakeholders in the industry.

For game players, the platform offers a chance to make money off something they enjoy doing. For the game developers on the other end, Yumerium offers minimal transaction fees and instant pay-outs via a decentralized and transparent payment solution with YUM tokens.

The platform already offers support for four games of Subdream Studios namely; Kingdom Watcher, Mega Overload, Hell Dimension and Dream Pets. CryptoMine, the first game unique to Yumerium will be launched with SDK in the third quarter of 2018 and will be made available on Web, iOS and Android platforms. By the last quarter of 2018, the developers will open SDK to the strategic partners first, then the bigger market. So far, about $2.3 million has been raised from marquee investors worldwide.


Yumerium is paving the way for the new era of the game play – the ‘earn to play’ model. With a team of experts in blockchain and gaming, Yumerium is bound to revolutionize gaming as we know it. Visit their website here, where you can sign up for the whitelist and get regular updates on the project.


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