YTTokens YPK22X Earn crypto currencies by watching YouTube videos – Never have ads again


YTTokens is launching the first beta stage in February 2024, a new innovative concept where users can earn crypto tokens “YTTokens” by simply watching content on YouTube. This new crypto currency is already establishing strong partnerships with YouTubers all over the world as it allows them to also reward their community with their own “Creator Tokens”. Each content creator has the option to create their own token which would be a version of the YTToken but streamlined to that creator. They can then offer to distribute these tokens or sell them through their official social media channels.

The advantage by using a blockchain and digital assets instead of the common cash donation model should be benefitial for both viewers and creators. In the early stage there are already affiliated testruns with several creators where you can earn the tokens by just being part of their community, watch their content, write comments or participate in raffles.

You can already earn these customized tokens for channels such as MrBeast, Linus Tech Tips, Dude Perfect, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, Marques Brownlee, PewDiePie, to name a few. YTTokens is officially endorsed and supported by the YouTube platform, integrating these tokens into their video upload system.

Creators who are approved for the YTTokens program have the option to set conditions in how the community can earn these tokens, for example the best comment of a video could be rewarded tokens. You can see these conditions if you are connected to YTTokens and watch YouTube videos of such creators. This will also benefit YouTube overall as this will increase traffic and audiences for those who are part of the new, unique YTTokens launch phase.

Crypto currencies in general are back on track with an upswing caused by several news, such as Bitcoin ETF approval, Bitcoin halving and more integration in many online shops and services. The automated system of making and validating all transactions through a blockchain allows those who use them a smart and cheap integration of a digital payment system. Such a system comes in handy for YTTokens which is completely transparent on the blockchain and follows these rules. Users watching 5 hours of YouTube content daily will earn an average of around 12 USD with the current value of the official YouTube token. While of course there is no guarantee on how the price action moves it is still a great concept to watch videos and earn effectively money while doing so.

The best part however is that YTTokens participants get another benefit which is basically a free version of YouTube premium. When you are connected to YTTokens you will never receive ads on the device which is connected. While adblockers work to some extent, YouTube has been more aggressively with forcing ads in the recent months and it is not possible to block them all the time by default. A similar issue comes with the official YouTube app on mobile devices which generally will display ads. With being connected to YTTokens fortunately no ads are shown, whether it is a desktop or mobile device and that benefit alone makes watching content much easier and enjoyable. While it’s still an early test stage it is the best time to give YTTokens a try and see how it works for yourself.

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