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YouTube for Self-development: Educational Channels for Students

Youtube Educational Channels for Students

Here’s a review of channels that are as addictive as SEAL videos and help broaden your horizons.

1) General Education


Channel of the eponymous educational project, which tells about the history of culture. Here you can learn how to properly listen to classical music, as well as delve into antiquity. The channel isn’t limited to one topic: you’ll find clips on English literature as well as a video course on the myths of South America.


Here are all the TED lectures uploaded, the essence of which is the dissemination of unique ideas. There are videos from all over the world: people are talking about the problems and experiences they have had, conducting small training, and sharing their knowledge. In addition, many users use the channel to learn English, but if you want to watch videos in another language, then go to the TED channel, where you can find videos with translations.

Also, you might be interested in a branch channel TED-Ed where animated videos help to understand the essence of complex scientific ideas.


The channel is great for those who want to understand a topic and layout all the knowledge “in the folds”. Playlists include from 8 to 50 videos and cover a variety of topics: video games, statistics, engineering, business, ecology, psychology.

The School of Life

Unlike many educational channels, The School of Life talks not only about science but also about the things we constantly encounter in everyday life: comments on social networks, reading the news, romantic relationships, work. There are also lectures about basic ideas in philosophy, literature, and sociology. This will help improve your studies and no longer think about who will write my essay for me.

2) The Arts

Hey Vincent!

About the mysteries of artists and their paintings, the difference between Monet and Manet, what Munch’s “Scream” screams about, as well as the myths of art you will learn here.


Channel of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Here you will find lectures from art historians, critics, artists, and other specialists. Also, the channel quite often conducts live broadcasts from exhibitions and shows interviews with artists.

Filmmaker IQ

This channel will appeal to those who want to learn more about filmmaking and see how films are made. Here you will learn about film companies and the ways professionals use in the creation of films, as well as the history of filmmaking.

The Art Assignment

There are videos about cooking according to artists’ recipes, art travels through cities, an overview of the art of the XX century, a breakdown of the world’s art masterpieces. The channel gives a good demonstration of the diversity of art and helps you understand it better.

3) Exact Science


You can learn more about chemistry and the elements on the channel Thoisoi, which also details chemical experiments, including food.

Wild Mathing

The channel shows you how to learn math, prepares you for exams, talks about different problems, and gives you useful tips for learning the subject effectively. What is the probability of happiness, the method of mathematical induction, the most beautiful formula – about all this you learn on Wild Mathing.

Math and Science

There are playlists about physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, engineering. The videos cover the main problems and questions of science, testing hypotheses, and ways to solve problems.

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