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YouTube Downloader: Download Videos from YouTube with Ease

YouTube Downloader: Download Videos from YouTube with Ease


A YouTube downloader is a piece of software that allows you to download videos from YouTube, then save them on your computer.
YouTube has two formats for downloading videos: YT1s and YT5s . The main difference between them is that YT1s are smaller in size and therefore take less time to download, but they don’t support HD quality or any other special features that might be available on the original video (like subtitles).

Advantages of YT1s and YT5s

The advantages of YT1s and YT5s include:

  • Fast Download Speeds: The best YouTube downloaders have fast download speeds, which means that you can get your video in no time.
  • Easy to Use Interface: A good YouTube downloader will have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily find the videos you want to download and start downloading them with just a few clicks of your mouse or touchpad.
  • Supports Multiple Formats: The best YouTube downloaders support multiple formats so that no matter what device or program you’re using, there will be a version available for it.

Comparing YT1s and YT5s

The first thing to consider is the features. The YT1s supports a wide range of formats, including MP3 and WAV files. It also allows you to convert videos into audio files so that you can listen to them on your phone or tablet without using up any storage space. The YT5s has more limited functionality, but it’s still able to convert most types of video files into MP3s with ease–and at an affordable price point!
The next thing you’ll want to think about is supported platforms: both devices are compatible with Windows 10 (or later), macOS 10.12 Sierra (or later), iOS 11 or later versions of Android operating systems; however if you’re looking for something more mobile-friendly then go for the YT5s which works on Android smartphones/tablets running 5 Lollipop or higher versions too!
Finally there’s cost – which brings us neatly back around full circle because obviously this will be one factor determining which option suits best depending on how much money you want spend etcetera…

How to Use YT1s and YT5s

  1. Download and install the YouTube Downloader you have chosen to use.
  2. Open the program, then enter the URL of the video you want to download in its search box (e.g., https://www).
  3. Click on “Download” or “Convert” button, depending on which option is available for this particular application; this will initiate the downloading process automatically, so sit back and wait until it’s done!

Common Problems and Solutions

  • If you are having trouble downloading a video, try using a different downloader.
  • If you have problems with ads or pop-ups, check out our list of the best adblockers for YouTube.
  • Some sites only allow you to download videos in certain formats (such as MP4). If this is the case and your video won’t convert to the right format, try using another site instead!


So, what’s the takeaway here?

  • The best YouTube downloaders are YT1s and YT5s. They’re easy to use, safe, and reliable.
  • You should use a YT1 or YT5 if you want to download videos from YouTube without having to worry about viruses or malware infecting your computer or device.


Q: How fast are the downloads?
A: The speed of your download depends on a few factors, including:

  • What device you’re using (desktop or mobile)
  • How much bandwidth is available at that time, and in general for your location
  • Whether or not YouTube is throttling speeds due to high traffic on their end

Alternatives to YT1s and YT5s

There are a number of alternatives to YT1s and YT5s. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular options:

  • ProxTube – This is one of the most popular YouTube downloaders, but it has been blocked by Google and other browsers. It works similarly to the other tools listed above, so if you’re looking for something similar but with more features (like support for multiple formats), this might be right up your alley!
  • Vidmate – This app lets you download videos from YouTube as well as other sites like Facebook and Instagram. It also has an option for downloading music files from SoundCloud! If you want more than just video downloads, this could be an excellent choice for all your downloading needs.
  • TubeMate – This app works similarly to ProxTube above: it allows users access to blocked content through proxies located around the world that connect directly into their servers instead of going through Google itself–meaning no one will know what sites they’re visiting or what data they’re downloading unless they tell them directly!
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