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Your Guide To Understanding Home Care Packages

home care packages

Navigating the complexities of home care packages level 1-4 is crucial for seniors and their families seeking to maintain independence while receiving necessary support. This guide aims to provide clarity on what CareAbout offers in terms of home care packages, ensuring informed decisions regarding elderly care needs.

What are Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages are comprehensive support plans provided by CareAbout to assist seniors in living independently at home while receiving necessary care services. These packages are tailored to individual needs and are categorized into four levels:

  • Level 1: Basic care needs
  • Level 2: Low-level care needs
  • Level 3: Intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: High-level care needs

Each level corresponds to varying degrees of funding and types of services, ensuring seniors receive appropriate support based on their specific requirements.

Understanding Services Provided by CareAbout

1. Personal Care

Personal care services encompass assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting. These services aim to promote independence and ensure personal hygiene is maintained.

2. Nursing Care

Nursing care includes medical services provided by qualified nurses, such as wound care, medication management, health monitoring, and coordination with healthcare professionals.

3. Domestic Assistance

Domestic assistance covers household chores like cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping. These services help seniors maintain a safe and comfortable living environment.

4. Social Support

Social support services focus on promoting social interaction and companionship. This may include transportation to social activities, assistance with attending community events, and engaging in hobbies.

5. Allied Health Services

Allied health services involve therapies and treatments provided by professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and dietitians. These services aim to thee improve mobility, communication, or overall well-being.

How to Access Home Care Packages

Accessing home care packages level 1-4 through CareAbout involves several steps:

  1. Assessment: Undergo a comprehensive assessment by CareAbout to determine your care needs and eligibility for a Home Care Package.
  2. Care Plan Development: Collaborate with CareAbout to develop a personalized care plan based on your assessed needs and preferences.
  3. Package Allocation: Based on you assessment outcomes, you will be allocated the Home Care Package level (1-4) that best meets your care needs.
  4. Service Delivery: CareAbout will initiate the delivery of services outlined in your care plan, utilizing the allocated funding to cover associated costs.


Understanding home care packages level 1-4 and the services offered by CareAbout is essential for seniors and their families seeking tailored support to maintain quality of life at home. By engaging with CareAbout and navigating the assessment process, seniors can access personalized care that meets their evolving health needs effectively.


What are the eligibility criteria for Home Care Packages?

Eligibility for Home Care Packages is determined through a comprehensive assessment by CareAbout. Factors such as age, health status, and support needs are considered to determine eligibility and appropriate package level.

Can I choose my preferred services under a Home Care Package?

Yes, CareAbout allows seniors to choose services based on their preferences and needs. Discussions during the care planning process ensure that the care plan reflects individual choices and priorities.

Are there costs involved in accessing Home Care Packages?

While Home Care Packages are subsidized, there may be some costs involved based on the level of services chosen and personal financial circumstances. CareAbout provides transparent information on costs and funding options.

How can I find a CareAbout provider in my area?

CareAbout offers a provider directory on their website, allowing you to search for accredited service providers in your local area. Alternatively, CareAbout can assist in connecting you with suitable providers during the assessment process.

Can I change my Home Care Package level if my needs change?

Yes, CareAbout allows seniors to review and adjust their Home Care Package level based on changing health needs. Regular reassessments ensure that individuals receive appropriate support as their circumstances evolve.

By following this guide, seniors and their families can make informed decisions about home care packages level 1-4 offered by CareAbout, ensuring access to quality care that enhances independence and well-being.


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