Your Guide To Industrial Doors

Industrial doors come in various styles and sizes for internal and external use, so it’s understandable that choosing the best door for your specific needs will take a little time.

Here we run down the many options to help you narrow down the best industrial doors for your commercial property. Choosing an industrial door and loading platform solutions specialist such as Fen-Bay Services means you can choose custom-made site-specific internal and external doors that meet your business needs and comply with safety guidelines. You won’t need to change your premises for off-the-shelf purchases.

The most common industrial doors suitable for internal and external applications

Sectional overhead doors – offer vertically opening sectional doors constructed with multiple panelled sections. These doors will likely consist of double-skinned steel foam panels and should be robust enough to withstand intense use. The doors open by folding up and resting flat below the ceiling space, or they can rise vertically without folding to curve within the building’s structure. These doors are also suitable for angled roof lines with tracks built to allow the doors to open in the roof line and are generally low maintenance and energy efficient.

Roller shutter doors – roller doors are highly versatile, suitable for securing small internal and external areas to sizable industrial unit doors, combining robust strength with reliability and security whilst still allowing efficient entry and exit into the space. Various mechanisms can be fitted to suit your operational requirements, such as manual, hand chain geared hoist operation or motorised and self-coiling systems.

Insulated roller shutter doors – these doors offer the same flexibility and ease of use as a traditional roller shutter door. Yet, they are fully insulated using a thermal foam that conserves the heat to help maintain temperatures within the area or building. Deep double skin laths absorb noise, making them a great addition if noise transfer is problematic.

Loading-bay doors – tailor-made loading bay doors are suitable for ambient and temperature-controlled zones. They can be manual or automatic and interlocked with other loading bay products to ensure loading and unloading are carried out safely and effectively, even under intense use.

Energy-saving hydraulic doors – particularly effective at helping users within the logistics and transport industries reduce their overheads. Incorporating a system such as the FBS Fidelity® system using hydraulic power ensures these doors are safety enhanced. If the operator is distracted, the cables will not cross, unlike electromechanically operated doors where the motor continues to unwind cables that can cross and break when the door is next used.

Fire shutter doors – when you require additional fire protection, a fire-resistant door suitable for internal and external areas will likely be what you need. The doors offer radiant heat fortification which means that combustible materials can be safely stored a half metre away from high-temperature inferno, so you can safely maximise the use of available floor space. The doors are fitted with a simple control panel that enables customised activation methods to suit your premises.

For more information about industrial doors be sure to check out Larnec Doors.

Things to consider before choosing industrial doors

Speed and frequency –  how often do you need the doors to open, and how quickly? This could help you decide on the style of the door and its operating mechanism.

Location and look – Most doors we mention are suitable for internal and external applications and can be customised with colouring that complements your building if required.

Your business –  how secure or protective you need the doors to be. By choosing doors that offer British Standard and/or Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) compatibility, you could see reduced insurance premiums or open a more comprehensive insurance panel prepared to take on the risk.

As you can see, there are numerous considerations and styles of doors available, so you could benefit from seeking expert help to make the right decisions.

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