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Your Complete Handbook To Know Everything About HR

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Let’s be real here. We all know that HR plays a significant role in a firm, but how many of us understand how they work? Here are a few things that help you understand what the HR department does on a daily basis and how it helps an organization.

What is HR Exactly?

HR or Human Resources is a group of people dedicated to maintaining an efficient working system by taking care of all matters regarding employees and the workforce. This is a crucial task, as they have to constantly oversee everything going on in the workplace.

HR and the Work Environment.

HR is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for a smooth workflow. An intimidating work environment does not allow for ample productivity,  thereby affecting the outcome and quality of work. They also take reports from employees regarding other employees while maintaining confidentiality.

Every single employee in the firm is under constant scrutiny by the Human Resources department. HR maintains records of the days logged, leave days, projects completed, and all work-related data of an individual along with their records. 

Record Management

HR is responsible for maintaining proper records of the firm like the accident reports, tax reports, training reports, etc. These records are constantly updated and revised by the department. Apart from records of the organization, HR also holds on to the personal records of an individual.


Hiring and firing are the most significant and well-known duties of HR. The HR team is entirely responsible for determining the number of hands needed on deck along with their payroll and when someone on the team needs to be let down.

Recruiting personnel for a task can be particularly tiring, which is where several efficient HRs use the assistance of a recruitment marketing system


HR also holds regular surveys from the employees. This helps greatly in improving the workplace, company culture, efficiency, productivity, and quality of work. They also suggest suitable modifications in the policies and plans of the company concerning the suggestions and complaints they receive from the employees.


HR keeps a constant track of the progress of the workforce individually and as a whole. It analyses the records frequently and organizes suitable training and improvement programs that could help improve the lacking areas and skills. 

Acquiring new skills allows for regular refreshing of the acquired knowledge of the employees and has a significant role in improving the overall quality of work put out by the firm. Thereby the HR also works to improve the brand image of its organization.

Individual Care and Assistance

Apart from working to improve the firm, HR also makes an effort to help individual employees achieve their personal career goals. HR is responsible for determining the payroll of an employee along with the provision of bonuses, increments, promotions, and demotions after carefully analyzing their records. 

HR also provides support to the employees on issues that are unrelated to work. This includes the health and safety of the individual, the social and mental well-being, etc. Recently, many firms have HR that provides legal support to the employees as well.


HR plays quite an important role in the firm. They are constantly working to improve the firm as a whole while supporting and monitoring individual employees. Maintaining a healthy and comfortable workplace is more important than it may seem as the well-being and energy of the employees greatly influence the outcome of the firm, be it positive or negative.

Efficient HRs these days use software assistance from reliable sites like Talenteria to help with the strenuous processes involved. 

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