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YOUA GROUP Releases O2O NFT Marketplace, “N-BOSS” (beta)

NFT Marketplace

On July 1, YOUA Group launched its own beta version of NFT marketplace service, “N-BOSS”.  As part of YOA Project, the service is a platform based on NFT products, which is currently a hot market item that have been trending world-wide.

N-BOSS is a collaboration between YOUA Group, Color Star Technology, and US-based company “Movie Planet LLC”.  N-BOSS is expected to serve as a bridge between creators and fans to form a basis of community bond and interaction.  For example, with the purchase of NFT items on N-BOSS, the buyers (fans) will be provided with unique opportunity to interact with the sellers-creators, in the nature of events participation (i.e. fan meetings).

These events will form a basis of community building between creators and fans that goes beyond the typical consumer relationship.  As such, creators will be rewarded with increasing number of sales and fans, while fans will be gifted an opportunity of a lifetime to meet and communicate with their favorite creators.  This cyclical nature of “win-win” situation for the participants in N-BOSS will assist in the constant flow and progress in fandom economics.

As an alternative in revitalizing the NFT market, YOUA Group will introduce “Purchase-Benefit” incentive program, in which buyers and creators will be compensated a certain royalty when the creative work is resold.  This incentive program will propel multiple transactions involving the same creative work, instead of the generic one-and-done transaction deals.

N-BOSS is a gateway of connecting fans around the world to culture arts.  Hollywood partner “Movie Planet” is an owner of various intellectual property rights in Hollywood contents and stars as it participates in over 150 film festival working groups from 90 countries.  NASDAQ-listed partner “Color Star Technology” is the owner of many intellectual property rights of films and entertainment contents in China.  Lastly, K-Play Contents of YOUA Group has many connections to Hallyu contents and stars.  With the wealth of contents and stars available, N-BOSS will be the launching pad for the birth of global fandom service, with the ability to customize and satisfy the needs and demands of various fanbase around the world. 

N-BOSS (beta), which opened on July 1, is based on ERC-20 model.  The official version of N-BOSS, which is set to be released in August, will be a multi-chain model, including ERC, TRC and BSN.  Also, on the official N-BOSS version, intra-transactions can be made with YOA coins.

Henry, CEO of YOA Project, stated, “N-BOSS is not a simple medium to transact creative works.  N-BOSS will incorporate much more interactive features where creators and fans will be able to communicate and interact with each other, whether by fan meetings and autograph sessions.  If Apple is the world’s number 1 fandom service model, N-BOSS will be much more impactful as the interaction involving cultural content will resonate with both fans and creators alike for a long time.”  He also added, “We invite many TikTokers around the world to participate and use N-BOSS as a marketing and sale platform for their creative works.”

After the launching of N-BOSS, various crypto-centered contents “Pumping Time”, “Block Story”, “Jumping & Dumping” and “Dae Bak Ga” were already converted into NFT contents for the users’ experience.  Through various services and contents provided by YOUA Group, it is expected that people around the world will gain accurate knowledge of cryptocurrency in a feasible yet entertaining manner.

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