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You, Too, Can Save the Children, Says Skylab Digital President Chris Shihadeh

Chris Shihadeh

Chris Shihadeh takes pride in founding Lender Daily, a lead generation company that generated 1,000 calls daily and powered the brokerage of $500 million in home loans. He commands a leadership position in the digital marketing industry as CEO of Skylab Digital, which generates 8,000 calls daily for customers, including several Fortune 500 companies. But he and his wife Jaquelyn are equally passionate about supporting Save the Children.

What is Save the Children?

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1919. It’s dedicated to promoting children’s rights and providing relief and support to children worldwide.

Save the Children works in over 120 countries around the world. The program provides aid for both short-term crises and long-term development projects. It’s become one of the most well-known charities in the world, with millions of supporters from every walk of life. Jacquelyn and Chris Shihadeh are promoting this blog post so you can take a closer look at what this amazing organization does and how you can help them achieve its goals. 

What Does Save the Children Do? 

Save the Children focuses on four core areas: health, education, child protection, and child poverty. Save the Children’s healthcare, and nutrition programs reduce infant mortality rates. The organization sets up schools in conflict zones. It works to combat violence against children and strives to raise awareness about child poverty. Save the Children also works with local governments and communities to ensure their efforts are sustainable. 

Save the Children doesn’t just provide direct aid. It also advocates for better policies on behalf of vulnerable children around the world. These efforts include pushing for laws protecting their safety and welfare and lobbying for access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, nutrition, and shelter.  

Jacquelyn and Chris Shihadeh Want You to Know How You Can Help

You can get involved with Save the Children’s work in many ways. You can donate your money or time by volunteering at a local branch or fundraising event. If you cannot donate directly, there are plenty of other options, such as buying products from their online store or participating in an advocacy campaign. Every donation makes a difference! 

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