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You Should Incorporate Animation Into Your Business Strategy For These 6 Reasons

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Businesses in general, and online businesses in particular, are always looking for intelligent ways to market their products or services to customers and get a good return on their investment. One of the major trends that we have seen in the past few years is how video is quickly becoming the medium of choice among online media consumers. Traditional radio ads, banner ads, and all other kinds of print media are fading away as video becomes more common and more easily available to, and more readily consumed by the masses.

However, producing a video isn’t easy. Small to medium-scale businesses don’t have the time or the resources to put together a video for every product that they sell or create a video review for everything that they have on their shelves. Yet, they still want to get the benefits that videos offer. Animated videos are the answer to all these problems, and here are a few reasons why you should consider them for your business.

1.  Deliver Complex Ideas Easily

When using print you only have written words, pictures have only images and audio has only sounds, but video brings all these elements together in one package. This is what makes video the best way to deliver a message. Especially if you are trying to illustrate a complex idea or explain a technical product or service, a video is much easier for the audience to understand.

Through video, you can easily demonstrate things that would be quite difficult to explain in any other way. More importantly, it is a lot quicker to watch a 2-minute video rather than go through a small technical booklet about a product or service. It also gives your company a better image in the eyes of the consumer rather than using traditional mediums like text.

2.  Easy To Produce

Video production can be quite expensive. You need equipment to film the video, a good location, actors, props, video editors, and so much more. Animated videos take all those things out of the equation. All you need is a good 3D animation studio and just one good animator, and you will be making your own videos in no time. Through the animation studio, you can create anything that you can imagine, and everything that the video needs is created digitally. You don’t need to have a lengthy post-production process or anything else; you simply create the video and publish it.

3.  Universal Appeal

To get the most out of any kind of communication that you do for your business, you need to know your audience and understand how to communicate with them. You want to be able to deliver your message in the most neutral manner possible and make sure your audience is internalizing the message. Animated videos have this neutral appeal because they aren’t very complex, and they don’t rely on things that are culture-specific. Of course, if you wanted it to be culture-specific you could always modify it to be that way, but basic animated videos are great for universal audiences.

4.  Enhance Your Message

Through video, you can add a lot to your message. Through pictures, sound, and text you can add emotion to your message, you can make it much easier to understand for your audience, and you can easily customize it to meet the needs of different audiences. Videos give you more flexibility than any other kind of medium, and animated videos make it easy to take full advantage of m this flexibility.

5.  Improve SEO

Engagement is one of the key factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website is designed beautifully and has lots of content, but it isn’t engaging for customers, it won’t rank very well. Video does much better at driving engagement than any other medium. As it involves multiple senses and is more entertaining, it will be far easier to capture the attention of the audience with a video rather than long blocks of text.

6.  Better Conversion Rates

Engagement is crucial to converting potential customers into actual customers who generate revenue for the business. Every business would like people to visit their page and quickly move on to buying products, but this is only possible when the content provided has a powerful impact on them. Videos have a much higher conversion rate than text or pictures, so if you want to generate sales, then consider using videos on your landing pages.

Chances are that other businesses in your industry are not using video, and even if they are, they may not be using them optimally. Animated videos are easy to get started with, and they are a great way to make your company stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t require a very major investment, and you can produce a lot of content very quickly when making animated videos. If you want to push your business to the next level, animated videos are what you need to invest in.

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