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YOLOREKT dApp is LIVE now. Discover more about the Gamified-Social Price Prediction Platform. 

Gamified-Social Price Prediction Platform. 

After being in stealth mode since 2020 and undergoing drastic improvements and gameplay enhancements, the ALL-NEW YOLOREKT is now LIVE. People can bid and win in USDC on various assets during 3-minute games.


The new YOLOREKT means lots of fun and lots of winning potential. Based on 3-minute rounds, users have an infinite number of chances to bid on whether the Strike price will be above — or below — the actual price of assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, MATIC, Doge, Tesla, Gamestop — with many more in the pipeline. Users will be able to bid as many times as they want to within any of the 3-minute games — even bid on games 10 rounds in the future. 


Yogesh Srihari, Co-founder at YOLOREKT says “Volumes in the traditional derivatives market are anywhere above $1+ Quadrillion as compared to the crypto derivatives volume which stands at merely $32+ Trillion in 2021” 

“We will be a catalyst to usher user’s demand in Web3 through our gamified approach to price action” adds Yogesh Srihari.

“Options are much more complex and hard for retail traders to understand,” says Garen Vartanian, co-founder of YOLOREKT. 

Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital says, YOLOREKT’s focus on an amazing user experience—something sometimes under-emphasized in the industry—will hopefully propel more mainstream interest in speculating on and learning about cryptocurrency”. 

YOLOREKT sits at the perfect intersection of these big-picture trends, which don’t show any sign of slowing down”, adds Paul Verdittakit. 


YOLOREKT was selected as a part Coinlist Seed Spring Batch 2021 and successfully completed its private round last year from marquee investors like Pantera Capital, Cluster Capital, LemisCap, Deep Ventures, Angel DAO, Kretos Ventures, and many other top-tier angel investors.

During its Beta program, YOLOREKT hosted 30k whitelisted users to test the product.

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