YOLO Bunnies And Their Music Metaverse

By: Muverse Labs

They’re called YOLO Bunnies and they live in the 1,402 universe. There are 9,999 of them. They don’t talk much. In fact, they cannot express themselves at all beyond exclaiming the word YOLO! That’s why they’re called YOLO bunnies.

Their wormhole opens up twice in the next seven days. The first opening is scheduled for July 15 and the second will occur on July 20. The YOLO Bunnies eagerly await the time the clock strikes 10 AM Eastern Standard Time on those days.

The following is a discussion between HAL, an artificial intelligence bot, and myself, the crazy crypto scientist that spends his time trying to turn over every stone in the metaverse.

Me: Crazy crypto-scientist who loves to explore and discover different worlds in the metaverse

HAL: Artificial Intelligence

Me: Dear HAL, Our protagonist today is 9,999 bunnies from the No. 1,402 universe.

HAL: Okay. What’s their background? 

Me: I’d say, who knows what these guys from the parallel universe have been through and why they’re here. At least for now they still hold this secret. They don’t talk much about the past at the moment, but they do express a lot of current and future-related information.

HAL: Okay, so how much do you know about them?

Me: By observing them and some of the information they expressed to us, I have roughly summarized some basic information: 

  1. As far as I know, 9,999 bunnies will travel across the wormholes to the main universe, all of them need to be summoned by their soul person with which they are “connected” in the main universe.
  1. They do not have a specific name, YOLO is the only word they can express, similar to Groot’s “I am Groot” and that is why we call them YOLO Bunnies.
  1. They seem to have an extraordinary love for minimalist music, some of them will use the earth’s instruments to make music.
  1. They are super into malt beer, staying in The Cavern Pub to drink, chat, perform, and make music. Therefore they also set up the YOLO Bunny Cavern Club (YBCC).
  1. There are fixed times when the wormhole opens, the next time is on July 15 at 10:00 am EST, and then the following time after that will be July 20 at 10:00 am EST.

 Music Metaverse

HAL: Interesting, now how are we going to settle them? You know, Area 51 is already occupied by lizardmen and grays.

Me: This is nothing to worry about at the moment, the No. 1,402 universe is a meta-universe and therefore they are not real, but are found in the digital world. Initially, it was a strange piece of code that we thought was some kind of new computer virus, but later we found out that it was a group of creatures living in the digital world. They have no interest in the real world and say they want to build their kingdom in the cyber world, hahaha.

HAL: How?

Me: You know, their original home – the No. 1,402 universe was originally digital, so they know how to build a new digital home. But due to the current technological development of the Earth, they can only make it a reality step-by-step.

HAL: What kind of a homeland is that?

Me: How should I describe it? A meta-universe full of musical elements.

HAL: Oh, so it seems that they are not an existential threat to us, more like wanderers in the main universe. So can we do anything to help them?

Me: The one who can summon them helps them the most. They have a direct supernatural connection to each other, a connection that can give them the vitality to survive in the main universe. So we have to first help them find these people on the 15th & 20th of July, thus allowing them to travel through the wormhole without any issues. Secondly, they feed on musical creativity and vibes, so it is also important to pay attention to them and feed them with music. In return, they will share some of their most valuable resources with their supporters in the future as they build their digital home.

HAL: Looks like they have a detailed plan, don’t they?

Me: Yes. They have developed a plan for the construction of a musical meta-universe as their homeland  (Muverse) in steps, based on current technological developments on Earth, and people‘s acceptance.

Muverse Construction Plan

                                                      Muverse Construction Plan

And to incentivize people who help them build Muverse, they also have reward programs。

A: For those who summoned them, they allowed them to become club members of YBCC and enjoy membership benefits.

YBCC Membership

                                                                YBCC Membership

B: Reward Tokens for those who provide musical sustenance (the artists) and atmosphere (collectors & fans) to the platform through Listen to Earn, which is designed with musical characteristics.

YOLO Bunnies

HAL: It seems that they are quite adaptable and have clear goals and tasks. Hope everything goes well for them.

Me: Yes they are.

HAL: Wait, I see a few bunnies that look like some music superstars? How did that happen?

Me: To be honest, I’m not sure. Maybe there is some kind of connection between each parallel universe.

HAL: Emm, I searched the web and found some information about them, let me share it with you.




HAL: Oh. Time for bed.

Me: Okay, good night HAL

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