‘YOL’ is The Best Way to Encourage and Reward Good Health: Get MediBloc’s Very First Application.

YOL is a medicine management application by MediBloc, which enables users to take pictures of their prescription, upload them, and take the medicine as instructed. To make it more rewarding, and to encourage healthy behaviors, users will receive some incentives to encourage healthy behaviors as they use the app.

It is important to note that YOL is the MediBloc’s first application. On YOL, users can get a push alarm if they set up the Medication Alarm. In addition, prescription data uploaded in patients’ YOL app will be recorded as hash value on MediBloc blockchain platform. 

Health is perhaps the single most important thing for a person. A good, healthy life means that a person can pursue his or her dreams. Work efficiently, give time to his family and friends and in all, live a quality of life. Ill health means missing out on a lot of things in life. A person who is ill might not be able to attend school, make some money, run a business, perform tasks in his job and not be able to give time to family. The physical limitations and the pain associated are also a major factor.

The Current Scenario

Currently, if a person is sick, he or she needs to set up an appointment with a doctor. At the appointed time, has to be physically present in a clinic or a hospital. Sometimes, the doctor is not the one regularly visited, or may not be an expert in the illness contracted. He or she then can only offer a solution that does not take into account the medical history of the patient. After the doctor checks and diagnosis the issue, he simply writes a prescription or advises further tests. In the case of a prescription, the patient then needs to proceed to a pharmacy and obtain the medication. If further tests are advised, the patient contacts the relevant clinic or healthcare institution for another appointment and the cycle repeats itself.

In all these, a lot of time is wasted in physically moving from one location to another. The health professional is not aware of medical history and needs to rely on what the patient can only tell. The professionals themselves may need to contact their peers or other professional organizations for more data on the disease. This creates a lot of inefficiency in terms of time and money wasted.

The data required by the pharma industry, enabling a quality research and development of newer medication technology to fight against diseases is also hard to get by. Usually, these companies rely on traditional methods of contacting big data companies to provide those data. This data is not cheap to get hands on and the high cost is ultimately passed down to consumers through increasing price of medicine or other health related equipment that is released by the R&D and production.


MediBloc is a decentralized medical platform that connects patients and health professionals around the world in a manner that is far more efficient, faster, secure and generally better than the current scenario. The platform uses the power of blockchain to reduce the time taken in not only communicating between a patient and a health professional, but also creates a database of electronic medical records that are easily accessible by any professional. The platform offers:

  • A vast list of medical professionals, ready to help patients, cutting down time on finding a doctor nearby who is available.
  • Complete electronic medical record of a patient that is compatible across multiple devices, allowing health professionals to make a better diagnosis.
  • Offering users to monetize their data by selling to researchers.
  • Prescription receiving and using the digital form to obtain medication from pharmacies.
  • Connecting health professionals from around the world for information sharing and getting opinions.
  • Sharing of crucial data around the world, enabling better cooperation in combating diseases.

The platform also helps the pharma and R&D industry by letting them access patient data that is otherwise hard to get. The data enables them to fine tune their research, medicine and even their marketing to ensure quality medication is available for patients.

YOL By MediBloc

In their pursuit of creating a utopian medical platform, MediBloc has recently announced their YOL app, which you can find on the website for the beta tester application.

As earlier stated, the application allows users to upload pictures of their prescriptions on the network. The prescription is then verified. Since blockchain is an immutable technology, the prescription data remains on the platform and cannot be changed.

The data uploaded can be used in a number of manners:

Very important to these features is the PUSH ALARM, where YOL users can get a push alarm if they set up the Medication Alarm. Users of YOL are incentivized to upload their prescription data and be rewarded with MEDX, the crypto tokens that act as a medium of exchange within the platform. Users can use the tokens received for other services, such as doctor calls and medicine purchases in the future. The prescription data uploaded in patients’ YOL app will also be recorded as hash value on MediBloc’s blockchain platform.

Currently, MediBloc is running a contest for the beta tester recruitment. If you want to apply for beta testers, you can apply through the link here: .

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