YieldNest Announces New Products As Origin Protocol’s primeETH Merges Into ynLSD

Keeping ahead of times, YieldNest’s recent expansion to include PrimeStaked and its primeETH token has caught the attention of the industry. The merger has set up YieldNest the premier liquid management and programmatic yield layer of restaked DeFi assets, thanks to its innovative approach.

The merger is not the only thing that YieldNest brings. With the best of both worlds from YieldNest and PrimeStaked, the former has also announced the launch of multiple new products.

Better Returns With YieldNest Products

YieldNest is anticipated to launch not one, but more different liquid restaking tokens, with each aimed towards providing not only exceptional yields but practical assets that users can invest further in different compatible DeFi services to amplify yield and rewards.


ynLSD offers yields for staked tokens but allows retention of liquidity for the underlying assets. ynLSD itself consists of two different tokens.

The ynLSDe is designed specifically for the EigenLayer network, offering not only good yields but also EigenLayer rewards, thanks to strategic restaking options.

For users who prefer the Symbiotic network, the provided yields and rewards are possible through YieldNest, thanks to the ecosystem-specific ynLSDs.


A liquid restaking asset designed for stablecoins, the ynUSDs allows users to stake their stablecoins, but still retain liquidity and high yield. Created for the Symbiotic ecosystem, ynUSDs holders will have higher than market yield, thanks to YieldNest’s risk-adjusted strategies.

Extra Rewards for PrimeStaked Users

Though PrimeStaked users gain the benefits of a much larger ecosystem that is at the bleeding edge of liquid restaking, YieldNest is also offering limited-time advantages for users who migrate, for their loyalty.

PrimeStaked users will get access to an exclusive PrimeStaked YieldNest airdrop for the migration. But this is not all, YieldNest offers a 5% Seeds bonus to them for its YieldNest points program. For users who hold 5 OETH and more, they will become eligible for a Pioneer NFT, which provides a permanent 15% boost.

YieldNest is also offering different AVS/Network yields and AVS airdrops, along with several other benefits planned for the future.

For all the migrated primeETH users and YieldNest’s native users, YieldNest anticipates that the total airdrop allocation will be no less than 15% of the total supply of YND and aims to increase the amount allocated to airdrops contingent upon TVL increasing over time with a target of being one of the most generous airdrops to hit the market in the restaking vertical with community incentives anticipated to be over 60%. 

Merging For A Better Future

The decision to combine the strengths of YieldNest and PrimeStaked isn’t just about becoming a larger presence in the market. The merger has long lasting effects that are better for the liquid restaking industry 

A product of Origin Protocol, PrimeStaked has focused on liquid restaking. Origin Protocol is an ever-evolving ecosystem and its PrimeStaked merger with YieldNest proves its mission to put users’ benefits first.

YieldNest commitment to building liquid restaking products that are geared toward the long haul is an established fact. This is evident through the well-known DeFi backing YieldNest has secured. The list includes names like Sam Kazemian from Frax, Steve Kokinos from Algorand, Mechail Egorov from Curve, and others.

The match seems like a logical next step, with PrimeStaked users coming under YieldNest its wings. With its aim to eventually become a DAO, with a structured governance that sees “chambers” of elected experts of sub-DAO specific fields, YieldNest is gearing to transition into a completely trustless LRT service.

To be a part of the expansive YieldNest ecosystem, head to its website and unlock the true potential of your crypto assets through restaking, while still retaining the liquidity.

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