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Yassin Aberra: SEO tips to grow your business

SEO tips to grow your business

It’s common knowledge by now that SEO plays a crucial role in everything from elevating your business to acquiring new customers. However, while that might be well-known, what is perhaps lesser known is how to stay up to date with the ever-shifting sands of algorithm updates, the kind of content you need to produce, and the dark arts of technical optimization. This post will guide you through a few of the most critical components of SEO to help you get things right the right way!

If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, Hire A Consultant

The first thing worth mentioning here is that if you are a complete novice to this world and simply want to run your business without having to learn an entirely new industry, it could be worthwhile hiring a consultant dedicated to boosting the visibility of your site. You might be wondering what does an seo consultant do, in which case, you’re in for a treat. They will perform all tasks related to search engine optimization, starting from the low-hanging fruit and building up to the more complex but advantageous processes. However, it’s crucial to spend some time searching for consultants who are able to practice what they preach, particularly since this can be a somewhat unregulated industry. Nonetheless, if you go by recommendation and carefully assess their previous clientele of results, you should end up with a highly competent person able to boost your site to the top of the search results, gaining you plenty of new business in the process.

Yassin Aberra

Consider The Type And Quality Of Your Content

SEO of yesteryear relied predominantly on the written word. While this form of content still forms the backbone of the vast number of search results, it can pay to consider other forms of content that might be relevant to your particular industry. For instance, if you operate a wedding planning business, producing short-form videos and utilizing platforms like YouTube Shorts or TikTok might be a great way to promote your business. Nonetheless, always combine these with a dedicated website so that people have somewhere to go to see what you have on offer and to make actual bookings.

Assess Any Technical Issues Before Going Full Throttle

Technical SEO is something that tends to put off the average business owner because it’s somewhat of an unknown entity. However, placing some of your resources into this aspect can have tremendous results in the long term. In many cases, websites simply don’t rank well because search engines find them challenging to crawl, don’t have enough topical relevance, or are unappealing to users in terms of navigation and loading speeds, etc. You will often discover a considerable jump in rankings when you or a consultant remedy the issues before you go full-throttle with other tasks like outreach. You can think of it like a car engine. If the air and oil filters aren’t working as intended, no amount of fuel in the tank can make you go faster.

SEO isn’t an overly complex topic, but it does have plenty of moving parts that need to be addressed before you hit it bog. By following the advice listed here, you should be able to reach the lower-hanging fruits more rapidly or simply outsource the duties to someone who lives and breathes the industry.

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