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Yard Finance, a Crypto Payment Protocol, Exits Stealth Mode and Opens Access for Early Users

YARD Finance, a crypto payment suite allowing the implementation of crypto payments using any web2 human-readable identifier, has announced its first successful partnership integration. The company has granted API access to early partners to release a beta version for end users in Q1. YARD’s protocol will enable blockchain businesses to enhance user acquisition and engagement by enabling their clients to make crypto payments using human-readable identifiers such as email addresses, phone numbers, or Telegram handles.

Highlighting the protocol’s mission, YARD CBDO states, “YARD allows businesses onboard to crypto anyone, no matter if they have a wallet address or not by sending them tokens via their web2 handles. Our mission and endgame are to completely remove the boundaries between crypto and fiat, allowing everyone to benefit from using crypto without even touching it.”

For businesses, the protocol not only enhances revenue streams but also streamlines user engagement by simplifying the complex process of crypto transactions. By integrating human-readable identifiers, YARD facilitates smoother interactions between users, ultimately fostering a more seamless and user-friendly experience within the blockchain ecosystem.

For end users, YARD offers a convenient bridge between traditional Web 2.0 interactions and the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. With its intuitive interface and familiar interaction patterns, YARD empowers users to effortlessly navigate the complexities of blockchain technology while maintaining the ease and simplicity they’ve grown accustomed to in their online interactions.

“We have a pipeline of partners for integration for Q1-Q2, to kickstart protocol adoption. In Q2 we’re planning the public beta launch of our platform for B2C clients. We’re also working on expanding its partner network on the service side, in order to broaden the geographic coverage of the services provided, in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, to make it safe, fast, and ready for truly global adoption”, commented CBDO.

It is worth noting that the YARD team currently consists of ten people with extensive experience in the blockchain industry over 30 years, working on projects such as Changenow, Neonchain, HitBTC, Guarda, Cryptopay, Metamap, and others.

By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, YARD is positioned to not only drive the adoption of crypto payments but also to contribute to the overall growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

Validation from industry leaders speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our products/services. Notably, the company has earned the trust of significant market players, such as Onez, a leading web3 ecosystem builder. Through its commitment to excellence and futuristic approach, YARD emerges as a reputable choice within the market.

  • To learn more about the platform, visit their website.

About YARD

YARD Finance is a crypto payment suite designed to assist web3 businesses in boosting revenue and user engagement by implementing and scaling crypto payments using human-readable identifiers with minimal effort in no time.

The YARD protocol provides a secure, customizable, and human-readable handle based on your email, phone number, Telegram handle, social accounts, or others that link to public wallet addresses on all supported chains. It onboards crypto newcomers via any supported channel and also fulfills the needs of experienced users by supporting over 40+ blockchains with an additional privacy layer.

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