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Yamaha MT 15 – Best bike with amazing features

To Indian bike aficionados, the Yamaha has always been their ideal vehicle. The Yamaha MT 15 is nothing less than a bridge, providing you the ease of the FZ and the incredible performance of the R15.

Unquestionably, the Yamaha MT-15 is a streetfighter variant of the Yamaha R15 V3. Bike riding is the most enjoyable due to its unique and refreshing appearance and remarkable fuel efficiency. The MT 15 was designed for a joyful time on the track and on road, serving as the basis for its manufacturing. Due to its popularity MT 15 touches 10k sales mark n Apr’22.

This bike is loaded with amazing features and specifications. Let’s check out what makes this bike so amazing.

Know About It’s Amazing Specifications

Obviously, the bike is regarded as the most effective road combatant in its segment on the current bike market. A genuine hyper-naked motorcycle from the MT possesses all the necessary qualities to greatly increase rider confidence.

If your riding is restricted to the city, the Mt 15 bike is a good streetfighter and a fun weapon to use on your commute. With an excellent engine and an upright riding stance, it’s the ideal kind of motorbike and you can buy MT 15 bike from Droom without any second thought.

The 155cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine is found in the MT 15. The 155cc liquid-cooled engine powering the Yamaha MT-15 is connected to a six – speed manual constant mesh gearbox. The motorcycle’s engine produces a maximum output of 19.3 PS at 10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.7 Nm at 8500 rpm.

The MT-15 Version 2.0 seems a little more comfortable off the line and lacks that bite in the early rpm, much like the new R15. Allow the bike to reach 4000 rpm, and it will begin to regain some performance and accelerate easily. The new aluminum swingarm and USD front forks are extremely advantageous for the MT-15.


The headlights, taillights, and indicators on the Yamaha MT-15 are all LED’s. The negative LCD led display displays the gear position, shift light, and mileage estimate in addition to the typical information and warning lights.

The MT-15’s instrument cluster can display a wealth of useful data, including trip meters, gear positioning, speed, average fuel usage, and more. being a bike produced in the digital era.

You can use this feature to pair your phone with the motorcycle and receive call alerts on the dashboard while you ride. In a similar manner, a person can obtain information on the bike directly from their paired device.

The Yamaha MT-15 will have a single-piece seat that is cozy and suitable for extended periods of time in the saddle. The ergonomically sound handlebar will make handling the device simple. The fuel tank will make a fantastic surface for your knees to grab. Even in direct sunlight, the negative Lcd Screen with gear shift indicator is apparent to the eye.

Other Features

The instrument panel receives a negative LCD display and was taken directly from the new YZF-R15 V3.0. The LCD instrument dashboard panel’s black background and white writing make its multi-function negative instrument cluster, which includes a gear change light indicator, VVA indicator, mileage indicator, and a USB charging connector, stand out even in the darkest part of the city.

While the odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, F Trip, clock, and other displays can be chosen, the digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer above, and fuel gauge are always visible. Additionally, an ABS warning bulb is also displayed. The aggressively sculpted MT-15 from Yamaha is said to inspire today’s generation of thrill-seeking riders unlike any other bike in its class with its menacing Bi Functional LED headlamp. These are some features and technology advancement that makes the modern bikes safer.


 With reactive handling, a broad handle position, and a mega weight of 138 kg, the highly innovative Hyper Naked & Dynamic bike of MT-15’s offers the user an unparalleled riding experience.

There are two color options for this technologically innovative and dynamically built Yamaha motorcycle: Metallic Black and Dark Matt Blue. With this many amazing features and specifications, you could say that this is one of the best bikes in the market. Want to know more about the MT 15? Check Mt 15 at Droom to get all the information and new about this beast.



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