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YAAN | Polygon-Based Secure and Supportive Launchpad for New Projects

Goa, India, YAAN, the polygon-based launchpad provides investors and users several possibilities. The YAAN project aims to bring new and innovative projects to the mainstream and ensure access to safe and transparent analysis for the investors and community facilitating the benefits of a decentralized financial revolution. YAAN partnered up with KCLP to launch the YAAN IDO and experimented with a deflationary mechanism to further strengthen YAAN’s success in keeping bots away. 

Advantages of the YAAN Launchpad

The YAAN launchpad aims to shine light on the new blockchain projects and protocols. The developers will get a dedicated platform to share and promote their ideas with the community and bring their projects to the forefront. In addition to this, YAAN gives them access to a team of developers, marketers, advisors, and investors. 

Harnessing the services provided by YAAN launchpad, the project owners will find an easy way to grow stronger and create a better outcome for their project. Based on the MATIC blockchain, the YAAN launchpad addresses the hard questions every blockchain project has to face. 

The YAAN launchpad also offers strategic seed investment for the projects, bringing them closer to the community. The innovative allocation tier system is worked upon by a skilled and experienced team with anti-bot measures and fair allocation. 

YAAN Token Utility

The native YAAN token is used to enhance the utility of the platform. It allows users to trade as well as stake the tokens and increase their allocation. The YAAN token can be used for Governance, Allocations, Rewards, and Farming. 

YAAN on the Polygon Ecosystem

Polygon is the blockchain protocol and a framework utilized to build and connect blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. Polygon allows collaborating solutions that can easily be scaled according to the requirements. The benefits of associating with the Polygon ecosystem include fast transactions on an advanced 2-layer solution at a lower fee. 

About YAAN

The YAAN token is a utility-based launchpad on the Polygon ecosystem enjoying compatibility with Ethereum. The users and investors on the platform will help project owners launch their projects safely and transparently with the highest form of security. As the project owners will access a dedicated support structure, they will also bring their projects to the mainstream, getting exposed to a decentralized financial revolution. 

Being Community-Driven, YAAN ensures that the interests of their community are a priority while they deliver their offerings. To know more about YAAN visit their website or Join their telegram

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