XTrendSpeed, a warm and professional trading platform

XTrendSpeed, a warm broker 

The Russia-Ukraine war has been ongoing for more than a hundred days. Ukraine has not been bustling during the war, and only debris and ruins are left. People in Ukraine earn precarious lives as they become destitute and homeless. 

XTrendSpeed team has empathy for the misfortune of the people of Ukraine. It joined the donation campaign for Ukraine and did its utmost to help people in Ukraine go through difficulties. 

XTrendSpeed is a warm broker providing a professional trading platform. 

XTrendSpeed, a professional broker 

XTrendSpeed is available in more than 170 countries worldwide. It provides stocks, foreign currencies, commodities, and indexes to traders. XTrendSpeed has been awarded the best mobile broker for two years. It is also awarded BEST MOBILE BROKER 2022 EUROPE, BEST FOREX TRADING APP 2022 ASIA, MOST TRANSPARENT BROKER 2022, and BEST FOREX COPY TRADING PLATFORM 2022 GLOBAL.

Thanks to the continuous support of all clients, XTrendSpeed has become professional and provides various functions. MT4 trading was available in April 2022. Therefore, clients can access MT4 trading and Strader now. Funds can be transformed between Strader and MT4 without commission. 

Traders can find a trading way suitable for them no matter they are novice traders or master traders. 

  • Suitable for novice traders. STrade offers a low threshold for trading. Traders can invest from $5, and one lot is as low as $2. In addition, MT4 has demo accounts, traders can practice trading in demo accounts.
  • Suitable for master traders. Many professional traders are on XTrendSpeed. Traders can exchange views on the market trend with each other, and share growth in trading. 

XTrendSpeed, a broker adhering to the philosophy of “Trade Big · Dream Big” 

Having been adhering to the philosophy of “Trade Big·Dream Big”, XTrendSpeed is committed to helping investors realize their dreams. XTrendSpeed rolled out “Go for Dreams” in April 2022 and then launched “Go for Dreams 2.0”. During the event time, clients can trade with a small amount, check-in, or share the event through social media to get dream numbers. The winning number is drawn based on the opening price of US stocks. The person whose dream numbers are in line with the winning numbers will be the winner

The method of confirming the winning number ensures a transparent and fair event. Every client can participate and share equal opportunities to win prizes. 

Everyone has opportunities to win Porsche, $5000 in cash, a house, Apple products, and other mouth-watering prizes. 

As for “Go for Dreams”, one client won iPhone 13 pro max, and seventeen clients won $5000 in cash. In terms of “Go for Dreams 2.0”, forty-one clients won $200 in cash. Congratulations to these lucky winners.

XTrendSpeed also interviewed these winners. Most of them were surprised when they knew they were winners, while some of them were confident that they would be winners. 

Some of the winners are new clients. They made only one deposit and then won prizes. On the other hand, some of them have made 3,213 trades with a total trading volume of $168,704. Some of them knew XTrendSpeed via their friends, and some of them knew XTrendSpeed from the news. Some of them are unemployed at home, and some of them are elites in the workplace.

It doesn’t matter who and where they are, what they are doing, and whether they have experience in investment or not. XTrendSpeed acts on “Trade Big · Dream Big” to provide a platform and expand channels for clients to realize their dreams.

Of course, it is just the beginning. XTrendSpeed will roll out “Go for Dreams 3.0”, and second and third prizes will be added to provide more chances for clients to win prizes. 

XTrendSpeed, a secure and trustworthy broker 

Fund security remains the top priority for clients. In XTrendSpeed, the third-party major international banks take clients’ funds into custody, and their funds are separated from XTrendSpeed’s operating funds to ensure the safety of client’s funds to the greatest extent. 

XTrendSpeed also provides negative balance protection to clients. With negative balance protection, clients do not incur debt to the broker. XTrendSpeed protects clients’ funds to a certain extent by activating a special risk management system.

XTrendSpeed, a service-oriented broker 

24/7: It provides 24-hour online customer services per week. 

Various languages: The app supports 11 languages, including English, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese. XTrendSpeed is also planning to add Turkish and Arabic. It is committed to a user-friendly trading experience. 

Starters School: Investment courses vary from low level to high level at Starters School, teaching clients encyclopedia knowledge on Forex and how to trade via videos. 

Live: Professional analysts analyze hot symbols and answer the questions for free in live streaming video from 10:00-16:00 from Monday to Friday (UTC).

Eight priorities for XTrendSpeed members: Zero commission (save up to $3000/month), VIP Exclusive Credit, SMS Alerts on the Market, Birthday Gift, Priority Customer Service, Investment Report, Personal Manager, and Identity Logo. 

Trade Big·Dream Big, XTrendSpeed is waiting for you!

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