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XRP Holders Lose Interest, Shifting Gears to This Presale Token with 100x Potential to Replace XRP

The bull run is shifting into the next gear after token prices plateaued over the past week or so. Several tokens are in the green again, attracting more investors who have yet to put their money into the market. Looking at the top altcoins isolates one token as a contender for achieving top gains. XRP (Ripple) is an interesting candidate, coming strong after its legal victory against the US SEC.

Not All Investors Are Optimistic About XRP, Turning to a New Entrant

Investors believe this victory will finally allow XRP prices to soar as the Ripple network leads in the enterprise segment of blockchain utility. The token’s price action looks good so far, but many XRP holders feel it has been underwhelming. They expected it to soar to massive heights by now, which it has not.

Unimpressed XRP holders are now moving their funds to another token that experts suggest will hit massive highs and offer 100X returns this year. That token, NFTFN, is currently undergoing its presale launch, being offered at just $0.025. XRP investors are bagging it for the small price, hoping to net the gains they expected from XRP.

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The claim experts are making about the NFTFN token comes from the industry-altering use case of its platform, which places it as the next Web3 application to gain mass adoption. This use case is offered as a reimagined NFT trading platform that holds the potential to transform the NFT segment by offering benefits like increased access to blue-chip NFT collections. With that, all NFT enthusiasts can make the most of the price movements of top NFTs with just $10 funding.

Why the NFTFN Platform Is Looked Up To

Such a possibility was not considered until the introduction of the NFTFN platform. The trading application advances index-based trading, which is facilitated through its NFT index comprising top-dollar NFTs, often worth hundreds of thousands. The index represents the mean price of all the tokens at any point, and users interact with that price by trading perpetuals of the index.

Thus, NFTFN lets users collectively interact with the robust price movements of some of the world’s most popular NFTs as they hold fractional shares of its index. That is how they get to draw returns from the cream of the NFT market with as little as $10. This low entry barrier enables NFT enthusiasts who could not interact with these expensive NFTs to do so now.

They can now gain entry to the upper echelon of the NFT market, staying away from obscure NFT collections, which they had no option but to interact with because of their love of the asset class. Those collections often end up being scams or do not hold up against volatile market forces, dipping in value and costing enthusiasts what they paid for the assets. NFTFN changes the market structure to allow everyone to interact with verified top-dollar collections, preventing them from losing their funds unfairly.

Also, its index integration furthers value preservation by ensuring users’ positions on the platform remain sturdy and do not crash due to volatile forces. The effects of assets dipping in value are balanced by the price robustness of those performing well, maintaining positions in the green and preventing them from crashing, which would lead to traders losing their funds.

NFTFN takes the same approach with other asset types, advancing diverse options for its users despite being NFT-centered. It offers indices of ERC-20 tokens, RWAs, and Bitcoin Ordinals that users can trade for gains. So users get to diversify their trading positions. Simultaneously, those not interested in NFTs can partake in the NFTFN revolution.

The NFTFN Platform Will Gain Raging Adoption, Pushing Its Token Price Up Exponentially

These revolutionary capabilities, combined with the platform’s high decentralization, transparency, zero hidden costs, and 10X leverage potential, make it very user-centric, thereby gearing it for mass adoption and user retention. Experts see this as a novel feat that can translate into widespread usage, which in turn will be reflected in the NFTFN token’s price action. And that is why they confidently express its 100X return potential.

Certain XRP holders are evidently disappointed with their returns from the token so far during this bull run. The NFTFN token’s potential is what they saw in XRP, but NFTFN looks like it can actually deliver. So, it is unsurprising that they moved their funds from a current top altcoin to one touted as the next top altcoin.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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