XRP And APT Drop; WERX Outperforms Expectations

WERX Outperforms Expectations

Crypto traders are hopeful that once the SEC regulatory decisions blow off, the coin market will begin a bull run. As such, they are meticulously searching for projects that will bring huge profits when the dust clears. 

Savvy traders know not to look towards established coins in the market but to go for the presale project. The Uwerx presale has the most potential to return massive gains for investors.

This article discusses Uwerx’s profitability and why investors are rushing to buy it. But first, we shall discuss the latest performance of XRP (XRP) and Aptos (APT).

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The Hinmain Emails Lift The Hopes Of XRP (XRP) Holders

XRP (XRP) has failed to regain its previous price even as anticipation builds regarding its long-standing legal battle with the SEC. Following the recent release of the Hinmain emails on June 13, traders expect XRP (XRP) to win the legal battle. 

On June 16, Ripple CEO Garlinghouse published a video on Twitter suggesting that the Hinman documents signify that the Security and Exchange Commission deliberately caused ambiguity about their rules and capitalized on that to enforce security measures on cryptocurrencies.

Crypto analysts argue that the Hinmain emails suggest that some officials within the SEC find their rules regarding cryptocurrencies to be perplexing. They also state that with the release of these emails, Ripple’s argument that it was not given a fair notice from the SEC may be true.

These developments make Ripple’s situation look promising, and XRP (XRP) holders expect this to translate to a price rise.

While XRP (XRP) holders wait for the end of the suit, the XRP token XRP (XRP) has decreased by 0.91% in the past 24 hours.

Aptos (APT) Experiences Increase In Network Activity 

Aptos (APT) has witnessed a significant increase in network activity in the past seven days. Aptscan tweeted on June 14, 2023, that the active modules on Aptos (APT) have increased by 1.5 times since the year started. They added that this growth underscores a growing sense of creativity and innovation within the Aptos (APT) platform.

Aside from the increase in active modules in Aptos (APT), the number of daily user transactions also increased. Aptos (APT) daily active accounts also registered an increase, which holders of Aptos (APT) consider a promise of better days to come.

Despite this adoption and surge in network activity, Aptos (APT) has yet to reach the previous month’s high. As per Artemis’ data, Aptos’ (APT) total value locked (TVL) fell sharply over the last thirty days. The project decreased by 45.9% in the last thirty days.

Why Are Experts Choosing Uwerx (WERX)?

Having sold out its first four presale stages faster than anticipated, Uwerx has become the most sought-after presale project in the coin market. Freelancers want the project because it offers transparent pricing, customized matching, low fees, dispute resolution, and more.

Investors are rushing the presale because it offers them a great chance to make massive profits in the market. Trading at $0.041/WERX and in its fifth presale round, the project has already multiplied by 730% from its $0.005 starting price. The project offers a 15% purchase bonus. This rush has led to over 6,953 signups, 1,639 Twitter followers, and 1,803 Telegram members. 

The freelance project’s speedy sales led its team to increase the token available for presale to 57%. This means that 427.5 million tokens were made available for presale out of the 750 million total supply. The team also slashed their token allocation to just 7%.

Uwerx’s presale success was made possible by the agile methodology its developers used. By adopting this approach, the developers were able to unveil the project gradually while making the needed improvements along the way.

Since InterFi Network and SolidProof have given audit approvals to it before the presale, investors trust their funds are safe. Additionally, the team promised to relinquish ownership of all smart contracts as soon as the project is added to centralized exchanges. They also started a nine-month lock on their share of WERX tokens starting June 7.

The Alpha version of the platform was launched some weeks ago, featuring the Signup, Landing, Forgot Password, Sign In, Client Initiation, and Freelancer pages. The version also has the Initial Step of Finding Talent page,  Job Creation Process, Initial Step of Job Creation, Hiring Dashboard, and My Activity Pages. 

Based on user feedback, the development team has updated the Alpha Version by enhancing or adding features such as Application Boosting, Settings, Milestones, Freelancer Profile Creation, and Job Application Pages. They also condensed the freelancer application page into a single page. 

They will now focus on enhancing the Tools, Freelancer Dashboard, and Client Dashboard. Furthermore, the platform’s Beta version will be unveiled soon. Users are encouraged to continue sending suggestions to the team using 

Furthermore, 98.2% of community members wanted the team to conduct a test airdrop. The team sees the airdrop as a great way to verify the submitted receiving wallet addresses.

Velocity Global reported that about 48% of new freelancers consider freelancing as their long-term career path. This means more people will join freelancing and Uwerx in the coming months.

Take advantage of the presale opportunity by joining now, as the price is expected to rise from $0.0415 to $0.047725. Orders placed after Wednesday 28th, 18:00, will be completed at the corresponding price, allowing you to potentially benefit from the anticipated yield.

As a result, analysts predict the WERX token will trade above $3 by Q1 2024. So take advantage of the 15% purchase bonus to buy this amazing project through the links below:





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