Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus – The Revolutionary Robot Vacuum Cleaner From ROIDMI

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

ROIDMI is a household name in the global consumer electronics market, with the innovation company providing vacuum cleaning and beauty products in more than 65 countries worldwide. In a related development, the company recently released the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus| Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a product that has reiterated the brand’s commitment, amidst accolades from users in different parts of the world.

Overview Of The Global Consumer Electronics Market

A recent report published by projects the size of the global consumer electronics market to hit $1.5 trillion by 2027, as different categories of customers demand for solutions to make living easier and more fun. Over the years, several brands have emerged across the globe to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers. Unfortunately, many of the available companies have not been able to leverage the latest technologies to provide state-of-the-art products to customers. However, ROIDMI seems to have mastered the art of creating innovative vacuum cleaning solutions, as substantiated by the release of Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus.

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

Features Of The Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus boasts exciting features that stand it out from the traditional vacuum cleaner as highlighted below.

Sterilization And Deodorization System

One of the standout features of the robot vacuum cleaner is the sterilization and deodorization system, designed to run automatically after disposing of the dust. The unique system enables the vacuum cleaner to treat and sterilize common wastes, such as dust mites, microbial, and toxic chemicals while also removing the smell of cigarettes and perfume. There is also the self-emptying/auto dust disposal functionality that automatically empties the robot after vacuuming, with a 3L large dust bag, approximately 30 dust bins, holding waste for 60 days before replacement.

LDS Laser Navigation

The feature is a part of the ROIDMI robot vacuum cleaner designed with laser navigation technology to ease the process of planning, with functionalities like APP maps, multiple maps storage, cleaning along with the side recharge and resume. Other functionalities that come with the feature are the auto dust station, algorithm-path planning designed to follow the principles of long-side first and bow-shaped planning, auto adjustment of side brushes rotating speed and vacuum mode, and multi-floor mapping capacity to ensure precise scanning and right mapping of the map.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The superb battery life of the Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is another amazing feature of the vacuum cleaner. The 5,200mAh large battery can last for 250 minutes, covering up to 250 square meters to make it ideal for cleaning large homes.

APP-based custom cleaning

APP-based custom cleaning

Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus comes with a mobile app that allows users to manage the cleaning of their homes using a smart mobile device. The app includes a wide range of information, including dust disposal station, dust bag condition, and dust bag operation guide, cleaning path, vacuum time, battery life, to ensure that users always get the best performance from their vacuum cleaner.

The custom cleaning functionality enables users to designate different rooms and functions to the vacuum cleaner, with easy integration of mi home, Alexa, and Google Assistant Voice Control for optimal user experience.

Cleaning Power

The cleaning power of Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is remarkable, to say the least, boasting of a 2,700pa strong suction, and a mopping functionality that simulates hand mopping path. Other features are a 250ml smart water tank with precise water control and a flexible nozzle designed to adjust to floor condition.

Obstacle Avoidance

As a Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Xiaomi Roidmi Eve Plus is designed with near-human features, including slowing down upon the detection of obstacles. The product has an IR sensor that helps it to avoid obstacles as well as anti-bumping sensors to both sides. There is also 2cm threshold climbing and a unique design that allows the robot to rock from left to right to easily mount the threshold.

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