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XDEFI Integrates Osmosis & Squid Router, Ushering a New Era of Interoperability in Web3

With Osmosis and Squid Router integration live, XDEFI users can now seamlessly move Cosmos assets between chains within the wallet, offering unprecedented convenience and flexibility

XDEFI, a leading multi-chain wallet extension supporting 34 blockchains, is pleased to announce its latest integration with Osmosis and Squid Router (**powered by Axelar Network). This integration lets users bridge any asset supported by XDEFI into the Cosmos network seamlessly. The move is a testament to XDEFI’s commitment to improving the user’s cross-chain experience through a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

Through this integration, XDEFI streamlines the once-complex task for Cosmos users wanting to move assets in and out of the ecosystem. Instead of using multiple third-party bridges and dapps, users can now do everything in XDEFI in one step. Squid Router empowers XDEFI users to transfer any supported asset into the Cosmos ecosystem. Osmosis allows users to conveniently swap assets and distribute them across any Cosmos chain using IBC transfers. What was once a daunting task reserved for seasoned users now becomes a 1-click operation on XDEFI. This user-centric approach is a game-changer, transforming how you interact with the Cosmos ecosystem and consolidating multiple dapp interactions into a single intuitive interface.

In addition, XDEFI is thrilled to unveil its Cosmos Odyssey campaign in collaboration with Galxe. This campaign offers a guaranteed prize pool of over $25,000 USD in tokens, granting users a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Cosmos Odyssey campaign rewards participants for completing tasks on various Cosmos networks and platforms. Prizes from numerous Cosmos ecosystem projects, including Stargaze, Calc Finance, Kujira, Crescent, and more, are up for grabs.

“XDEFI’s recent integrations aim to enhance how liquidity flows in and out of the Cosmos ecosystem,” said Emile Dubié, CEO of XDEFI. “We’re excited to provide our users new avenues to interact with their assets and interact with Cosmos chains, all from the comfort of XDEFI.”

The integration with Osmosis and Squid Router is part of XDEFI’s broader mission to make DeFi more accessible for everyone and to open the door for liquidity to flow through the Cosmos ecosystem. With the collapse of major centralized platforms like FTX and Celsius and mounting regulatory pressures, the demand for decentralized alternatives delivering a CEX-like user experience is on the rise. Witnessing over 30% growth year-to-date, XDEFI has established itself as the go-to, all-in-one wallet, delivering a true CEX experience and effectively mitigating the challenges often associated with self-custody and DeFi.

What is XDEFI Wallet?

XDEFI Wallet is a browser extension wallet that allows users to interact with digital assets and dapps across 34 blockchains. XDEFI eliminates the need for managing multiple wallets and seed phrases to interact multichain. XDEFI is a true self-custody, permissionless super wallet that simulates a centralized exchange but with all the freedom of decentralization. Install XDEFI on your web browser, instantly import your other wallets, and enjoy a seamless Web3 journey today.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website, Twitter, Discord channels, and install XDEFI.

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