XDC Network Chosen as Backbone for DeGaming’s Web3 Revolution in Gaming

XDC Network Chosen as Backbone for DeGaming's Web3 Revolution in Gaming

The global video game industry, a juggernaut boasting billion-dollar revenues for years, is on the brink of a monumental shift. In 2022 alone, the industry raked in nearly 347 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, with a substantial portion of that wealth originating from the mobile gaming sector, contributing a staggering 248 billion U.S. dollars to the total. This financial behemoth is now gearing up for a transformative evolution, as pioneers like DeGaming Group and their integration on XDC Network embark on a journey to redefine the gaming experience within the Web3 landscape.

In a recent LinkedIn post that sent ripples through the industry, Emil Ahmed unveiled his new role as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at DeGaming Group, a visionary project set to reshape the iGaming landscape by integrating XDC’s Web3 technologies. In a significant move that is set to redefine the landscape of Web3-powered gaming. 

DeGaming Group is poised to unveil its ambitious mission at the intersection of iGaming and Web3. The project aims to meld the worlds of decentralized technology and interactive gaming, offering a revolutionary user experience that leverages the best of both domains. DeGaming Group helps game studios and iGaming companies to build and manage Web3 games by providing them with the plug and play infrastructure they need. This includes smart contract standards, SDKs, and plug-and-play game tools.

DeGaming group chose XDC Network and had a trip to Dubai’s XDC Dev Center (widely used by XDC Developers and ecosystem partners). During this excursion, Ahmed and his team presented their maiden demo at the XDC Dev Center. The outcome was nothing short of exhilarating, as their feedback and enthusiasm served as a resounding confirmation that DeGaming is on a trajectory destined for a new revolution in gaming.

Emil Ahmed’s Dubai trip also included a presentation to XVC Tech, a prominent Web3 venture capital firm. XVC Tech adds another layer of credibility to DeGaming’s endeavor, as it signifies the recognition and support from a firm deeply invested in the Web3 ecosystem. For those with innovative projects in the Web3 space seeking funding, XVC Tech provides an opportunity to submit proposals for consideration: Apply for Funding.

XDC Network, a blockchain platform known for its scalability and eco-friendly design, brings a new dimension to DeGaming’s venture. This signifies the pivotal role that XDC’s technology will play in realizing DeGaming’s goals. With an efficient consensus mechanism and a commitment to sustainability, the XDC Network is poised to underpin the decentralized and secure gaming experiences that DeGaming seeks to offer.

Ahmed’s post exudes optimism as he outlines the mission of DeGaming Group: to pioneer the fusion of iGaming and Web3 technologies, introducing a new era of gaming that is immersive, secure, and user-centric. This melding of decentralized technology and gaming aligns with broader industry trends as blockchain technology continues to carve its way into diverse sectors.

Emphasizing his commitment to collaboration, Ahmed invites individuals who share DeGaming’s vision or are intrigued by the project to reach out and connect. This inclusive approach underscores the company’s desire to foster a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the convergence of iGaming and blockchain technology.

The appointment of Emil Ahmed as CEO and co-founder and integrating XDC Network are set to reshape the trajectory of the iGaming sector. As DeGaming Group prepares to unveil more details about its innovative offerings, the industry watches with bated breath to see how this collaboration will catalyze a new era of gaming experiences that are decentralized, secure, and transformative.

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